32 piece Cliptucky Fried Chicken!

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32 piece Cliptucky Fried Chicken!
Title screen
Author Clippy Clippington
Port GZDoom
Year 2021
Link Doomworld/idgames

32 piece Cliptucky Fried Chicken Special! is a full megawad for GZDoom created by Clippy Clippington. The main 32 maps only feature 528 enemies and are based around a gimmick of having each map's monster count mirror its map number. As a result of the monster-limitation gimmick, each map tends to be very small and gameplay lends itself to quirky, gimmick-based challenge maps.

The WAD was designed for both continuous play as well as pistol start, though some of the later levels tend towards a more survivalist style of gameplay when pistol starting. Five bonus maps are included in the WAD which are not part of the main progression and do not follow the WAD's central gimmick, which can be accessed using the idclev cheat code. The mapset was released on the Doomworld forums on July 9th, 2021.


Custom monsters[edit]

Chicken wing
A sentient chicken wing with a hitscan attack, similar to the chaingunner. Drops a rocket on death that will damage the player or any monsters nearby.
An incredibly fast, non-violent monster. Drops a megasphere upon death.

Custom items[edit]

Bucket o' chicken
A plate of fried chicken. Gives the player seven points of health.
A purse that functions the same as the backpack.
Infinity Glove
The Infinity Gauntlet from Marvel Comics. Gives the player 999% health.


  • Despite requiring GZDoom to play, the maps were created in the "Doom in Doom 2" format rather than in UDMF.
  • Several of the maps homage and reference the Doom II levels of the same map slot.

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