400 Minutes of /vr/

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400 Minutes of /vr/
Title screen
Authors Various
Port Boom-compatible
Year 2022
Link Doomworld/idgames

400 Minutes of /vr/ is a 37-map community megawad for Doom II designed for Boom-compatible source ports by various members of 4chan's retro videogames board, led by MacGuffin and released on the Doomworld forums on May 10, 2022. It is a restriction-based project inspired by the previous 100, 200, and 300 Minutes of /vr/ projects. Mappers were limited to creating maps within 400 minutes of development time, including playtesting. A small number of maps were created in more than 400 minutes, with their creators being allowed extra time for various reasons.

The project makes use of the rfhelltx texture pack and includes several original HUD assets created for the project by various anonymous contributors. In addition, through the use of UMAPINFO, a number of maps exceeding the usual 32 were included, with map slots 36 and 37 serving as bonus, while MAP30 retains its Icon of Sin placement and is accessed out-of-order (again using UMAPINFO functionality.)


In addition, a separate set of "troll music" was included. These songs override the base game's music files, and they can only be heard in-game when the megawad is played through a source port that does not support UMAPINFO or ZMAPINFO.


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