99 Ways to Die

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99 Ways to Die is a three-level PWAD for Doom II, released in April 1996 by Warren Marshall. It was named by Doomworld as one of the ten best mods of 1996. It was noted for its quality in lighting effects, and its regarded as the PWAD that "...raised the bar for lighting effects in Doom.". [1]


According to the PWAD's text file, four arch-viles have taken over a castle. The player's objective is to kill them. One of the arch-viles first appears in the second level, while the remaining are found in the final level.


Levels in 99 Ways to Die have no name given.


MAP03 cannot be completed on the Ultra Violence or Nightmare! difficulties because a vital teleport destination is erroneously marked to appear only on the "Hurt Me Plenty" difficulty or below. A fix by Memfis can be found in the External links section of this article.

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