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The @doomwiki Twitter feed.

@doomwiki was the official Twitter feed of the Doom Wiki and was previously used as a social media gateway to featured articles and to subjects of relevance to current events. The feed's "Following" list represented a curated collection of other content related to Doom and its creators. Retweets were commonly drawn from these sources to bring attention to information found outside the wiki and then subsequently tie it to updates on the site. The feed was maintained by James Haley (Quasar).

The profile was marked as inactive and will no longer receive updates as of December 15, 2022, due to Twitter's shift in policies after its buy-out and direct control by extremist billionaire Elon Musk, which led to suspension of the accounts of various journalists, political activists, open-source social media organizations, and others. It has been replaced with the Doom Wiki Mastodon account.


Through use of Extension:OpenGraphMeta, articles on the Doom Wiki contain metadata sufficient for automated creation of rich page previews called article cards. These conform to the Open Graph protocol and are usable by any sites which support it.

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