Title screen
Authors Various
Port MBF21-compatible
Year 2021
Link Doomworld forums thread

AD MORTEM: A /vr/y Spooky Halloween community project (a.k.a. Ad Mortem) is an twenty-seven-level Halloween-themed partial conversion megawad for Doom II created by various members of 4chan's retro videogames board. It was the first community project to target the MBF21 comp level and features seven new monsters and reskinned weapons. The mapset was originally released on October 30, 2021 on the Doomworld forums with project lead Vaeros declaring the project to be a public beta, promising bug fixes and an idgames upload in the future. Phase 2 was posted to the Doomworld forums on October 24, 2022 and contained nine new maps as well as a new custom enemy, the Gremlin.


Custom monsters[edit]

A small, fast flying monster with low health. It fires a weak projectile and is often encountered in hordes.
A weaker but faster variant of the revenant, it has half as much health and almost double the pain chance. It has a bone-throwing projectile attack and does not retain the revenant's homing missiles.
A fast brown monster that functions as a weaker but faster variant of the Hell knight. It fires two projectiles at a time, in quick succession, and also has a melee scratch attack.
Rocket with Legs
A cyberdemon rocket with legs. This fast monster rushes the player and explodes on contact, dealing heavy damage and also causing splash damage.
King Boner the Stiff
A stronger and faster variant of the revenant, with twice as much health and half the pain chance. This monster only fires homing variants of the cyberdemon missile which also cause splash damage.
Pumpkin Marine
A fast marine with a pumpkin for a head that shoots plasma. Barring the sprite, this monster is virtually identical to the Evil Marine from Scythe 2.
A new monster introduced in the Phase 2 updates.

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