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The ARC Complex is the sixth level of Doom Eternal. To locate Deag Grav, the final Hell priest, the Doom Slayer must travel to the ARC's headquarters and make contact with Samuel Hayden.

The cyber-mancubus is introduced as an enemy in this level (along with the tyrant and baron of Hell via the Slayer Gate, and the pain elemental via a secret encounter). The marauder is faced as a boss at the end of this level.

"Having destroyed the Super Gore Nest, the hunt for the remaining Hell Priest continues. Unable to identify his position due to the Khan Maykr's interference, you travel to the ARC Complex, headquarters of the Armored Response Coalition (ARC), in search of Dr. Samuel Hayden, leader of the human resistance on Earth and the only person capable of finding the final Priest."
― Loading description


A detailed walkthrough is available for this level.


Get Samuel Hayden
Fire the east turret
Fire the west turret
Enter Samuel's base
Confront Samuel


  • Rune Ensemble - Acquire two runes
  • External Combustion - Overload a shield with the plasma rifle to kill six demons
  • Rocket Removal - Destroy four shoulder launcher weak points on revenants


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Master Level[edit]

A Master Level version of this stage is included, and makes the following changes:

  • The number and variety of enemies is greatly increased, significantly raising the level's difficulty. Enemies normally found later in the campaign are included.
  • Challenges, secret encounters, collectibles and the Demonic Corruption meter are not present. Dr. Richardson's log entries can still be found.
  • The automap station is not present; the entire map is revealed from the start.
  • The Slayer Gate is present, but cannot be opened as the Slayer Key is removed.



  • Some of the ambient music in this level includes notes from "Dark Halls", the music track used in Doom's E1M3: Toxin Refinery.
  • One of the Fast Travel destinations in this level is called "The Waste Tunnels", and may refer to the Doom II level of the same name.
  • Both in concept art and in various parts of the actual ARC facility itself, UAC markings can be found which indicates that the ARC headquarters might have originally been a UAC facility (both in-universe and during development). This is further supported that at the ARC tower's entrance, various demonic sigils can be found on the walls.