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The name "A_BabyMetal" refers to the arachnotron, which is known within the Doom source code as MT_BABY (or "baby spider").

A_BabyMetal is a code pointer used in the normal animation for the arachnotron.

A_BabyMetal is a wrapper around A_Chase that plays the sound effect DSBSPWLK before calling that other function. This makes the arachnotron play its walking sound while invoking the usual monster AI.


The A_BabyMetal code pointer appears in the following states in Doom's state table:


The following is an example of how to set the A_BabyMetal code pointer in a DeHackEd file:

Pointer 21 (Frame 34)
Codep Frame = 641

Or using BEX syntax:

Frame 1234 = BabyMetal

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