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Example of a joke WAD where the pistol is replaced with a carryable exit switch that can be punched to immediately exit the level. The A_BrainDie code pointer is used to perform the level exit.

A_BrainDie is a code pointer used in the death animation for the Romero's head.

A_BrainDie immediately exits the level, analogous to pressing a level exit switch or crossing an exit line special type. It is used for the last frame of the boss brain death sequence for the final level.


The A_BrainDie code pointer appears in the following states in Doom's state table:


The following is an example of how to set the A_BrainDie code pointer in a DeHackEd file:

Pointer 21 (Frame 34)
Codep Frame = 783

Or using BEX syntax:

Frame 1234 = BrainDie

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