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A_FireShotgun being invoked to attack a monster.

A_FireShotgun is a code pointer used in the attack animation for the shotgun. It implements the main shotgun firing logic.

A_FireShotgun does the following:

  • Sets the player into state S_PLAY_ATK2 so that other players in the game see the player firing a weapon.
  • Activates the weapon's "flash state" that shows the gun-barrel flash.
  • Plays the sound effect DSSHOTGN.
  • Fires seven pellets in the direction that the player is facing (performing autoaim to determine vertical angle).


The A_FireShotgun code pointer appears in the following states in Doom's state table:


The following is an example of how to set the A_FireShotgun code pointer in a DeHackEd file:

Pointer 21 (Frame 34)
Codep Frame = 22

Or using BEX syntax:

Frame 1234 = FireShotgun

Code structure[edit]

A_FireShotgun uses the same P_GunShot function as A_FirePistol and so its code structure is largely identical.

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