Accuracy stat


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The accuracy stat is an attribute in Strife that affects the accuracy of all weapons excluding the Sigil. Accuracy starts at zero and can increase to a maximum of 100.

Rapid-fire weapons such as the assault rifle and flamethrower are most affected by this stat, as continuous fire will cause them to drift off target; as the accuracy stat increases the range that shots can drift will be reduced, making shots more likely to hit their target. Improvements to accuracy can be seen when using the targeter, which displays two yellow bars that represent the range that shots can drift - as the accuracy stat increases, these bars are drawn closer together.

In the early stages of Strife, the accuracy stat can be improved by giving accuracy upgrade vouchers to Feris, which are awarded by Macil for completing his assignments. Later on, the player will receive accuracy upgrades automatically when they complete certain objectives, saving them the trouble of returning to The Front.