Adam Bilbrough (Gibbon)


Adam Bilbrough (alias Gibbon) is a British programmer and Doom level designer. Gibbon's work focuses around maintaining 64-bit derivatives of older source ports such as WinMBF and Boom and doing so for several architectures.

Additionally, he is known for compiling several builds of ports that do not have any compiled binaries, again to several platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, ARM based Apple Mac models (such as the Apple M1), and Intel based Apple Mac models.


In regards to Doom history, Gibbon has created the following source ports:

Source ports[edit]


Source modifications[edit]

Outside of source ports, Gibbon also worked on the following source modifications:


The following utilities were either ported to other systems or received a Quality-of-Life update by Gibbon:

Source port builds[edit]

In addition to his own custom ports, Gibbon hosts a service called Source port builds where several source ports, left in a unmaintained or otherwise compile-only state, are compiled into a playable binary for various platforms and maintained. No changes are made except which are required (upstream devs will be notified) and are compiled for Windows (64-bit), for Linux, for FreeBSD and MacOS, both for Intel x86 processors and Apple ARM based silicon. The following ports have been compiled:

As of June 28, 2022, the source port builds GitHub repository has been archived, due to the large number of projects currently being worked on. It may re-open again in the future.

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