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Administration: Union Aerospace Corporate Division is the fourth level of Doom 3. The pinky demon is introduced at a cutscene. The growth taking over the base is first seen, and this is where monsters start teleporting in. The player has the first opportunity to receive a chaingun, locked inside a Martian Buddy storage cabinet. Grenades are also first available here. The player must find William Banks' PDA to continue on to Alpha Labs.


Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.

The level begins with the Player arriving at the Administration Complex. As he steps out of the elevator, a cutscene takes over and shows Counselor Swann arguing with Dr. Betruger over a video com. Swann states that the situation is out of control and the UAC is assuming control here. Betruger is completely unfazed by the chaos surrounding him, and tells Swann that he'll handle this matter on his own. He then cuts off the transmission. Jack Campbell opens up his weapons case containing the BFG and prepares to execute "Plan B."

The Player fights his way from the Lobby to the Alpha Labs entrance. However, the doors are locked and he must find Director William Banks' PDA. He also encounters a dying marine E. Webb who tells the Player he was ambushed and that there may still be other marine teams out there, then dies.

Several new elements are introduced in this level. The Player acquires two new weapons: Grenades and the chaingun. After opening the Executive Office doors from the Data Library, the Player is confronted by a new enemy: The Pinky Demon. In addition, Sergeant Kelly contacts the Player over the radio and informs him that there is some kind of unidentified growth taking over parts of the base. This growth is later seen in Malcolm Betruger's office. The demons also demonstrate their ability to teleport here.

After acquiring Banks' PDA from Betruger's office, the Player fights his way back to the Alpha Labs doors and gains access to Alpha Labs Sector 1.

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Advance to start the cutscene. When it's finished, you will be immediatly attacked from the left by a Z-Sec near the door. Other enemies will attack soon after a ceiling panel falls. At the end of this hallway, the door leading to Alpha Labs Processing has an imp hiding behind it.

In Alpha Labs processing, you'll be attacked, but the attackers will run away after their single shot. This initial corridor leads to a dying marine. After talking to him, backtrack to the elevator. There's one imp in the hallway, and two more imps will break down the door in the lobby. Continue through the newly opened door.

In the lower hallway, the lights will cut, and you will be flanked by imps from ahead and behind. Destroy them and advance to the video phone conference room, where there are three enemies.

The data library contains a terminal that allows you to unlock a door, but starts the pinky cutscene. To avoid being pinned down, approach the glass and wait on the right-side of the glass window. When it breaks, run into the open area. When Pinky is defeated, an imp will arrive from the nearby door to the North Hallway.

In the North Hallway, another Pinky will be released from a closet ahead. Advancing further will also release an Imp from a closet behind you. You may want to head to the side office and open the martian buddy cabinet for the chaingun.

When heading to executive offices, be sure to check behind you - an imp exits a closet located between a door and bloodstain.

The PDA for William Banks is found in the room opposite of the entrance. Picking it up will cause an imp to appear in the room. With the PDA, you can head back to the Alpha Labs Hallway, athough an Imp will generally teleport in right behind some doorways. When you reach the corridor, the lights will cut and two Z-Secs will attack, before one final enemy.

In Alpha Labs Processing, the door here opens the transfer bay to Alpha Labs. If desired, you can open the other locked door in Alpha Labs to get the last PDA or visit the last few locations in this map.


  • Alan Dorweiler: Located in Alpha Labs Hallway, in the same room as cabinet.
  • Jonathan Moses: Located in North Hallway, near Martian Buddy.
  • William Banks: Located in Executive Offices, near the glowing circle
  • Paul Simons: Located in Global Network Terminal

Video disks[edit]

  • Alpha Labs Introduction





  • Cabinet #013: 586. Learned in Alan Dorweiler's PDA.
  • Martian Buddy Cabinet: 0508

Easter eggs[edit]

  • If the video monitor outside Betruger's office door is examined carefully, it can be seen to occasionally distort into an image of a pentagram over a bloody background. At the same time, the text ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE changes rapidly through a short series of corrupt, evil messages:
    • DEATH-HB9Z0 1 &4ITGHL

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