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Advanced Research Complex

The Advanced Research Complex is the eighth level of Doom (2016). The eighth mission, A Brighter Tomorrow, takes place here. This mission uses the music track "BFG Division". One of Doom's most iconic weapons, the BFG-9000, can be found here.

"You have the location of Olivia's private offices inside the Lazarus Complex - where the initial invasion began. You must first traverse through the Advanced Research Complex in order to gain access to the entrance of Lazarus. Utilize the tools you find along the way."
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The Advanced Research Complex was completed in 2136. It is a research, design, and production center for an array of technologies including robotics, weaponry, and sub-space communication. The daily operations of the complex are managed closely by VEGA. The structure of the facility is stated to constitute a giant Faraday cage, preventing unauthorized communications from within.

Technologies which originated in the ARC include BFG development, teleportation, and cybernetic augmentation. The vast array of top-rank intellectuals attracted to work at the ARC has been described as "humanity's brain-trust."

Mission 08: A Brighter Tomorrow[edit]

After taking a tram to the ARC, the Doom marine is asked to meet Samuel Hayden in his office; when he gets there and tries to open the door, a dimensional tether is forcibly installed into the Praetor suit. Hayden apologizes for the installation, claiming that the marine would not have permitted it to be installed voluntarily, then shows the marine to his office where he explains that the UAC's knowledge of Argent energy comes from an artifact known as the "Helix Stone" - it led the UAC to an energy source in Hell called "The Well", and Hayden believes the stone can also show the marine how to shut the Well down and close the Hell portal. Hayden instructs the marine to look for a secure elevator inside the ARC which leads to the Lazarus facility, and hints that the marine will find "something useful" in the complex.

The marine enters the weapons division via its ventilation ducts and, sure enough, discovers a prototype BFG-9000 in the most secure part of the facility. Using this weapon to great effect, the marine clears all opposition blocking his path to the Lazarus elevator and rides it down to the secure laboratories.


A detailed walkthrough is available for this level.


Go to the Lazarus Facility
Meet Samuel Hayden at his Office
Infiltrate the Weapons Division
Access the Lazarus elevator


Bottle Opener
Perform five "Screw Top" glory kills on the possessed (attack lower right leg or head from behind).
There are numerous possessed scientists near the start of the level that can be easily staggered and glory killed.
Double Take
Interact with two rune trial stones.
Refer to the "Other items" section of the walkthrough for information on finding the stones.
Hide and Seek
Find two collectibles.
Refer to the "Collectibles" section of the walkthrough for information on finding these items.

Special items[edit]

Item Amount
Argent cells 2
Combat support drones 1
Praetor tokens 3
Rune trials 2
Secrets 10
Datapads 4

Areas / screenshots[edit]


  • If you jump over the crates by the first rune trial stone, you will find a Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 arcade cabinet that you can play with.
  • The torso used to enter the BFG Prime Lab is that of Dr. Abraham Peters, the protagonist of Doom VFR.