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Advanced Research Complex

This page contains a detailed walkthrough for Advanced Research Complex, the eighth level of Doom (2016).



Go to the Lazarus Facility
Meet Samuel Hayden at his Office
Infiltrate the Weapons Division
Access the Lazarus elevator


Once the tram has reached the station, step out and go up either staircase then look left to see a mancubus heading your way. Head past it and follow the corridor to an X-ray machine then go through the door on your left to find some possessed scientists; once they are dead, go through another door next to the scientists to find an Argent cell and a console that will open the security door blocking your way forward. Leave the booth and kill some more scientists that have appeared by the X-ray machine, then go through the security door and head up the stairs to dispose of more scientists along with possessed soldiers and a Hell knight. Once the area is clear and you have viewed an echo recording, go round the reception desk to find a panel that will open the door to the offices then pass through that door to kill some scientists and imps. Go to the bottom floor to find a gore nest and pull its organ out, then jump over the railing to your left to find a Berserk powerup that will help you clear out the many enemies that teleport in, starting with imps and soldiers followed by knights, possessed security, revenants and a summoner. Once the area is clear, head up to the top floor and use the panel next to the door to Samuel Hayden's office.

After Hayden has finished speaking, leave his office and head straight forward to find a service elevator opposite a health station. Ride the elevator down and follow the tunnel to a T-junction then go right and head past some scientists to an airlock which leads to an outdoor area with a gore nest guarded by some possessed engineers. When you pull the nest's organ out a cyber-mancubus will teleport in; avoid the bile that it fires at you as you shoot it, then deal with the imps and other enemies that teleport in - there is a Haste powerup next to the nest that will be of use. Once the enemies are killed, head past the nest's location to a glass booth and use the console inside it to lower a security field blocking your path, then jump past this field to a metal ledge on the side of a rock column. Look left and jump down to a curved walkway below, then go to the end of this walkway and look down to see a circular hatch which opens and closes at regular intervals - when the hatch opens, jump into it and follow the vent until you drop down into a small chamber. Turn left and follow a second vent into a shaft marked "1", then climb up past the overhead grating and jump up to a service passage. Go round the corner to find a button that will activate a fan in shaft 1, then step back into the shaft and let the air current carry you up to a vent leading into the weapons division.

Go through the door in front of you marked "BFG Labs" to enter a circular corridor and kill the soldiers and cyber-mancubus waiting inside it to release the lockdown, then go through the door marked "Security Room" and pick up the torso of Dr. Abraham Peters by the console furthest away from you. Return to the circular corridor and look for a door marked "BFG Prime Lab" then use Peters' torso on the retinal scanner to get the door open. When you enter the lab a security countermeasure will activate; quickly climb on top of the BFG's containment chamber then jump to any of the green-lit ledges around the room to avoid the pit that opens beneath you as well as a laser grid that descends from below. As the laser grid moves back up you will see some red power conduits underneath its outer ring - shoot the conduits and the grid will drop down onto the containment chamber, destroying its security fields and letting you collect the weapon. The containment chamber will drop you down to the floor below; turn round and squeeze under the door behind you, use the BFG to fry all the scientists and explosive barrels blocking your path then use the panel in the middle of the room to open the door to the Lazarus elevator.

Head through the door to find a chaingun and kill the engineers, scientists and pinkies coming the other way then head into the elevator room and go to the second floor to find another gore nest. Pull its organ out to trigger an encounter with revenants followed by security soldiers, knights, imps, a summoner and some cacodemons - use the quad damage powerup just above the nest, as well as the BFG if you need it. Once the area is clear, interact with any of the panels around the elevator to call it up, which will surround the immediate area with forcefields and summon two barons of Hell; kill them then get in the elevator and use the panel inside it to finish the level.

Classic level[edit]

After passing the security field by the first gore nest, climb to the top of the rock column in front of you then look at the opposite wall to see some white pipes; there is a small ledge next to these pipes with a lever on it, which can just be reached with a running double-jump. Pull the lever then backtrack to where you found the gore nest; a square door has opened nearby revealing the computer panel room from Doom's E1M5: Phobos Lab, though it contains nothing but a stimpack and a couple of barrels.


Bottle Opener
Perform five "Screw Top" glory kills on the possessed (attack lower right leg or head from behind).
There are numerous possessed scientists near the start of the level that can be easily staggered and glory killed.
Double Take
Interact with two rune trial stones.
Refer to the "Other items" section below for information on finding the stones.
Hide and Seek
Find two collectibles.
Refer to the "Collectibles" section below for information on finding these items.


There is a secret mega health pickup above the hatch leading into the weapons division. You can reach it by jumping across the tops of the rock columns in the chasm.


Picture Name Unlocks model How to find
Phobosguy Super shotgun After passing the security field by the gore nest, get round to the other side of the rock column directly in front of you then look at the opposite wall to see a catwalk below with a bullet box on it. Jump down to this catwalk then climb up the ledges on your right until you reach some white pipes; from here you can climb into a small cavern above you to find Phobosguy around the corner.
Pinkguy Pinky In the BFG Labs area, go through the door marked "Prototype Labs 01" and climb on top of the machine in the middle of the room then look up to see a vent opening above you. Jump up to the vent and follow it to find Pinkguy.

Other items[edit]

Near the start of the level you will pass some toilets. Enter the women's toilet area and look up to see a vent hatch that you can reach by jumping from the sinks. Follow the vent to land in a locked room containing the automap station, as well as the first elite guard.

Item How to find
Argent cell #1 Inside the security booth by the X-ray machine.
Elite guard #1 An elite guard is in the locked room containing the automap station. See above for details on reaching it.
Datapad #1 (Environments - Advanced Research Complex #2) Go up the stairs from the "Hall of Excellence", and the datapad will be sitting on the reception desk in front of you.
Datapad #2 (UAC Personnel - Samuel Hayden #3) In front of you as you leave the service elevator near Hayden's office.
Elite guard #2 After taking the service elevator down, follow the tunnel to a T-junction and go left. The elite guard will be on your left, by some boxes.
Rune trial #1 After clearing the first gore nest and lowering the nearby security field, an airlock will open next to that field. Go through the airlock to find a rune trial stone behind some crates, which will unlock the Blood Fueled rune.
Argent cell #2 Jump past the security field near the first gore nest to the column in front of you, then look left and jump to a ledge with a gas canister on it. Look left again and jump to a white pipe below, then carefully follow the pipe to an alcove with a cell container in it.
Combat support drone After climbing out of the "1" shaft below the weapons division into a service passage, follow the passage all the way along until you reach another shaft marked "2". Use the button here to shut off the fan, then go down to the bottom of the shaft to find an octagonal opening leading to the combat drone.
Elite guard #3 After reaching the top of the ventilation shafts leading to the weapons division, you will see a door marked "BFG Labs" in front of you. Ignore that door for now and go through another door on your left behind a Gauss cannon; an elite guard is inside the next room.
Datapad #3 (Weapons - BFG #2) After clearing the lockdown in the BFG Labs corridor, head through the door marked "Server Room" and go down some stairs to find this datapad.
Datapad #4 (Weapons - BFG #3) In the BFG Labs area, go through the door marked "Prototype Labs 02" and head to the back of the room to find this datapad sitting on a desk.
Rune trial #2 Opening the door to the Lazarus elevator will also open a second, smaller door to your right. Head through it and squeeze through a narrow opening in the wall on your left to find the trial stone for the Intimacy is Best rune.

Arcade Mode[edit]

In Arcade Mode you will start in the tram station and finish inside the Lazarus elevator. The cutscene in Hayden's office is skipped; after pressing the panel to open the door to his location, you will automatically be sent to the service tunnels.


  1. In the reception area past the Hall of Excellence.
  2. Moving up and down through the middle section of the conference area.
  3. Floating above the outdoor area with the second gore nest.
  4. Moving up and down above the BFG container.
  5. Moving around the Lazarus elevator.


  1. A collectible is on the ceiling of the conference area. You can reach it by jumping from a high wall next to it.
  2. Follow the directions above to find the secret mega health pickup. You will find a collectible at the final jump.