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The Adventures of Square is a ZDoom total conversion by Australian developer BigBrik Games. It received a Cacoward as one of the ten overall best mods of 2014.

The protagonist, Square, must save kidnapped scientist Dr. Octagon from the Circle of Evil cult. In addition to battling the cult members (circles) and their army of security droids, Square must protect the civilians (other polygons) he encounters. Settings are rendered in a bright, colorful style reminiscent of cel animation, with many hand-drawn graphics and textures. Voice acting and a complete soundtrack are also included.

Public beta releases began in August 2014, with version 1.0 appearing in November 2014. As of February 2016, the current version is 1.3, available as an IWAD or a standalone Windows executable (bundled with a modified GZDoom build). According to its press kit, the team will incrementally add levels, resources, and gameplay features to future releases, culminating in Q2 2017 with a complete edition of three solo episodes, additional deathmatch maps, and even worse puns. Standalone Mac OS and Linux packages are also planned.

The total conversion features over 100 voice clips for the protagonist, that play both scripted and randomly throughout the game. Many are shape based puns, for example:

  • "Nobody puts square in the corner!"
  • "Get out of my face"
  • "Get off my plane"


Episode 1: Cornered by Circles (Square-ware)

Episode 2: Cheddar Apocalypse

Episode 3: In the O-Void

Square-off play (deathmatch)

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