Standard Doom
Codebase Doom Legacy 1.25
Developer(s) Sir Kenny, Mike Fredericks (Gokuma)
Initial release Version 1 (1998-11-13, 25 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Written in C
Target Platform DOS
Available in English
License Doom Source License

Airstrik was a early source modification derived from Doom Legacy 1.25 by Sir Kenny. It was based on two DeHackEd based patches from Mike Fredericks (Gokuma) called Doom From Above 2 pre-beta and Bomberdoom.


Airstrik was first released on November 13, 1998. Based off the August 25, 1998 release of Doom Legacy and the DeHackEd patches Doom From Above 2 pre-beta and Bomberdoom, it primarily serves as a demonstrator of new gameplay-related mechanics previously unseen in Doom, such as flight and aircraft support. A demonstration WAD, called airstrik.wad includes these additions.

The modification was largely unknown to the general public until 2020.


  • Aircraft support for actors, monsters and other things, such as helicopters
  • Turrets that automatically shoot down enemy aircraft
  • The player has the ability to use a jetpack and achieve flight
  • New weapons, such as a tactical nuke using the rocket launcher sprite, a mortar like launcher and bombs

Demonstration map[edit]

The Airstrik package includes a WAD called airstrik.wad. It features a demonstration map that includes the following:

  • A firefight in the sky between a helicopter and the player (If the helicopter is not destroyed by the turrets on the ground)
  • Several fixed turrets that shoot flying enemies on-sight


The modification resurfaced in 2020 when Gokuma in a Doomworld forums post released a lot of old Legacy related files to the community, including AIRSTRIK.ZIP.

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