Aleksander Kowalczyk (Cage)


Aleksander Kowalczyk (alias Cage) is a Polish sprite and texture artist most known for creating the popular Cagetex texture sets used by community level designers. His graphics-only PWADs released between 2010-2014 expand on the Doom II IWAD's texture materials by adding more depth and patterns to support realistic, complex level geometry. Cagetex artwork was used by many community mapping projects throughout the 2010s, including Cacoward winners Ancient Aliens, Valiant, Aeon Deathmatch, and Lost Civilization.

In 2016 Cage created custom Doom 64 modding texture set Doom: The Way Midway Did which reworks vanilla artwork using Doom 64's artistic style. He also created sprites and graphics for community projects including Hacx 2.0, The Adventures of Square, Eviternity, and the upcoming GZDoom total conversion Supplice.

As a professional 2D artist, Cage worked on commercial Build engine game Ion Fury released in 2018.

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