Aleksander Trojanowski


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Aleksander Trojanowski is a Polish game designer and programmer, having released games under the AlexSoft moniker which is also the name of his company. Trojanowski released several fan-made Doom games in the early 2000's. His work primarly makes use of the QuickBASIC programming language with inclusion of advanced assembly routines.


During the early 2000's Aleksander Trojanowski released several titles that heavily feature Doom and Hexen assets like textures and enemies, although level design and engines were completely original. These titles are:

Aside these titles, Trojanowski also made an Arkanoid clone in QuickBASIC.

Current developments[edit]

In the present day, Aleksander is a website and database designer. He still dabbles with 3D graphics, creating highly detailed renderings of various scenes.

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