Alexa Jones-Gonzales (Remilia Scarlet)


Alexa Jones-Gonzales (alias Remilia Scarlet, previously YukiRaven or Yukib1t) is an American Doom level designer and composer. Her maps are known to blend Doom and Quake design sensibilities. Her mapset Shadows of the Nightmare Realm received a Cacoward in 2017. She has subsequently received runner-up mentions for Umbra of Fate in 2018 and Freaky Panties 2: Boxers or Briefs in 2020.

She began creating maps for Doom in 1995, with her first maps being made using a custom version of DEU called KillEd, which she designed herself to practice programming. Her first maps were not released to the public that same year, however, in 2021, she published her first megawad, Kill, which is a collection of her earliest maps designed back in 1995.

As of 2021, she is the co-leader of the Wadazine Master Collection (WMC). Other than Doom, she has also developed levels for Quake and Unreal.

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