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The All-Time Best Doom Levels was a site created by Myles Williams in October 1994, and maintained until March 13, 1997. Since February 1995 it is hosted at DoomGate. It ranked and listed a variety of Doom PWADs via a public voting system, requiring a three-fourths-in-favor result to be accepted. According to Williams, he considered the "best" levels according to their popularity rankings through democratic voting.[1]

The All-Time Best Doom Levels gained notability for being one of the first reviewing sites with a voting system, even if it was only maintained and written by one person.

Styles of levels[edit]

Williams created a system of level characterization that helped define and categorize the ranked PWADs.[2] The following styles were proposed:

  • Military: Similar to early Doom levels that make heavy use of brown textures and metal.
  • Tech lab: In line with the style of Knee-Deep in the Dead; space-station-like levels with large amounts of computers and tech, i.e.: a techbase map.
  • Fortress: Medieval-like levels that make consistent use of "natural" textures and stone, like castle maps.
  • Inferno: According to Williams, a blend of the three previous styles, similar to the Hell map theme.
  • Tech temple: Along the lines of The Shores of Hell. A combination of tech lab, fortress, and inferno.
  • City: Urban settings similar to those created by Sandy Petersen, in the vein of city maps.
  • Subterranean: Underground scenarios and cavern-like levels.
  • Aliens: Similar in style to settings of the Aliens film and its larger franchise.
  • Imitative: A catch-all term for realistic maps.

The PWADs list[edit]

All levels listed were chosen through voting and curated by Williams.


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