All Out War 2


All Out War 2
Title screen
Authors VoltlocK, jdagenet, SwordGrunt, Catastrophe
Ports Skulltag, Zandronum
Year 2008
Link Zandronum forum thread

All Out War 2 is a multiplayer mod for Doom II and the Skulltag and Zandronum source ports, originally created by VoltlocK and first released in 2008. It is a competitive team-based mod, heavily influenced by Command & Conquer: Renegade as well as real-time strategy video games, which pits two opposing teams, each controlling a base with multiple structures, against each other. The objective of the game is for each team to attempt to destroy every building of their opponent, and in doing so, players are able to choose between specific player classes, each with a unique weapon loadout or specific abilities, as well as purchase vehicles to use in the maps, collect resources needed to get better equipment and vehicles, and find items spawned on the map itself to counter the opposition.

All Out War 2 is the successor of the original All out War dating to 2007, a proof-of-concept single map PWAD by VoltlocK showcasing the gameplay style, and which was quickly followed up by its sequel a year later. After VoltlocK abandoned the mod to focus on other projects, development shifted hands multiple times until it was picked up by SwordGrunt and Catastrophe and, later, by jdagenet, who released All Out War 2.2 (dubbed Omega Edition) in 2017. A total of 19 unique maps are available for the project.



The main gameplay template followed by All Out War 2 is that established by the multiplayer mode found in Command & Conquer: Renegade. Much like that game, each team starts off with a base containing multiple pre-built structures, each with a different purpose. For example, the barracks allow picking and choosing multiple infantry classes, the war factory allows fielding various mechs that can be piloted, the research center unlocks new technologies, and the obelisk of light is a powerful defensive structure guarding the main entrance of each base. Much like Renegade, resources may be obtained by collecting tiberium crystals and returning them to the base, although they may also be located on the map through finding gold bags or destroying enemy targets.

Buildings are the key aspect of All Out War 2, because the tools made available to each team depend on keeping each structure intact. For example, losing the war factory will prevent the team in question from being able to field mechs for the rest of the duration of the match, and losing the refinery will likewise prevent tiberium from being collected directly, dramatically slowing down a team's economic output. Classes that players may pick when spawning (or respawning) also depend on the available structures, as well as each player's personal supply of money, with the basic infantryman being selectable free of charge but more advanced classes requiring a larger entry fee to be selected.

The maps themselves have gone through multiple iterations over the long course of the project's development cycle, with a total of 19 maps in version 2.2 as of 2018. Each map presents the same number of buildings, but can offer multiple routes into each base or ways to obtain resources.



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