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Albin Persson (alias Alper002) is a Doom level designer and musician who contributed to a number of community projects.

Body of work[edit]





  • You are radioactive now! (Doomworld/idgames)
  • Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions:
    • Session 61, MAP02: Not Terrible Enough for a Stupid Name, MAP08: ASSTER AREA
    • Session 62, MAP05: Painus in the Anus, MAP11: Beatable 2
    • Session 64, MAP06: Will Pay for Technical Ass, MAP19: Sieze the Memes of Progression
    • Session 65, MAP01: I Cannot Shitpost, MAP04: The Sounds of Violence
    • Session 66, MAP02: Swampwaterfalls, MAP04: Oh hey I'm just popping in to say hi
    • Session 67, MAP01: I Made 2 Maps in 2 Hours, MAP02: Acoustic Ass Drum, MAP03: In Which Nothing Scary Happens, MAP04: Girth Earth Society

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