Alpha Labs - Sector 2: Union Aerospace Science Division


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Alpha Labs - Sector 2: Union Aerospace Science Division
Map name: game/alphalabs2

Alpha Labs - Sector 2: Union Aerospace Science Division is the sixth level of Doom 3. Trites first occur in this level soon after the first web sighting in the exit room. There is a glimpse of the Bravo Team through a window.


The player continues the search for Bravo Team. Soon after entering Sector 2 of Alpha Labs, the player encounters a broken door leading to a security checkpoint, and has to take detour through a rest room and vent shafts. Inside the security checkpoint the player can use security cameras to take a look into various rooms which they will traverse through later. The player then passes a few rooms and sees Bravo Team advancing through the facility. The player is unable to reach them, but one of the team notices the player and reports to Sergeant Kelly. Sergeant Kelly in turn tells the player to go through engineering to Sector 3. On the way there, the player passes the MFS compressor, one of the most significant UAC inventions. Eventually the player finds Dr. Edwards, a scientist who offers to guide the player through a very dark area (where the lights are off due to EMP activity) with the help of his lamp. However, at the end of journey, Edwards is killed by an imp. In the final area the player encounters dense webs and wrapped corpses hanging from the ceiling. Soon after, the player is swarmed by the new enemy - trites. After fighting them while waiting for the maintenance ladder to lower, the player will find the exit to Sector 3.


  • Andrew Chin. Found in Engineering Security room.
  • Walter Connors. Found in MFS Compressor room.

Video disks[edit]

  • Molecular Fuel Storage Compressor



Enemy Recruit Marine Veteran
Zombies* 3 3 3
Fat zombies 1 1 1
Fat wrench zombies 1 1 1
Shotgun Z-Secs 2 2 2
Machine gun Z-Secs 4 4 4
Imps 13 15 15
Maggots 6 8 8
Trites 20 22 22

* One of the zombies is a particularly fast one.


Item Recruit Marine Veteran
Shotguns 1 1 1
Machine guns 1 1 1
Chainguns 1 1 1
Bullets (small) 2 2 2
Bullets (large) 1 1 1
Shells (small) 4 4 4
Shells (large) 2 2 2
Clips (small) 8 8 7
Clips (large) 16 15 14
Ammo belts 3 3 3
Grenades 4 4 4
Med kits (small) 6 6 6
Med kits (large) 10 10 10
Armor shards 16 16 14
Security armor 8 7 7
Backpacks* 1 1 1

* Contains bullets, shells, clip, hand grenades.

There are also 2 health station on the level, both with 100 health in reserve .

Storage Cabinets[edit]

  • Storage Cabinet #038: 409. Learned from Andrew Chin's PDA. Contains: security armor, hand grenades, ammo belt, clip (large).
  • Storage Cabinet #039: 102. Learned from Walter Connors' PDA. Contains: security armor, clip (large) x2.


  • Upon entering the first set of vent shafts, the player receives transmission from someone trapped in storage room C4. In the upper floor of the Storage and Engineering room, the Player can find a secret passage by hitting one of the floor tiles (the one that is marked by scratches). Inside the passage, the Player receives another transmission from said survivor, but it's extremely muffled and distorted. If the player goes further the shaft, they will encounter an Imp, some supplies, and a small room with very eerie voices, but no signs of the survivor.
  • There are many items hidden in the various corners of the dark area through which the Player is lead by Dr. Edwards. A chaingun can be first found there, assuming the Player hasn't got one from Martian Buddy box in the Administration.
  • In the MFS Compressor room, the Player can access another vent shaft with supplies by clicking on a button a computer panel in that room, which lowers the ladder to the shaft.


External links[edit]

  • Walkthrough video by WoopzillaWalkthrough (part 1; part 2) on YouTube. Veteran difficulty; part of a full game run.