Codebase Linux Doom 1.10
Developer(s) Marcus Geelnard
Initial release 0.1 (1997-12-24, 25 years ago)
Latest release 0.7c (1998-01-23, 25 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Written in C
Target Platform Amiga (68k)
License Doom Source License

AmiDoom was a early source port of Doom for the Amiga, based on the official Linux Doom 1.10 code. It was created by Marcus Geelnard.


AmiDoom started off at nearly the same time as the first publicly available Amiga port for the system, AmigaDoom. Its first release was 0.1, done on December 24, 1997 being a direct port of the Doom source code with 0.2 following a day later. In total, it took Geelnard two days to port the initial code over. However these first builds did not seem to be publicly released, unlike AmigaDoom's. The first release for which there is any kind of public record available is version 0.3 on December 27, 1997, only one day later than AmigaDoom's first public release.

Version 0.4 was released in the beginning of January 1998, though its changes are unknown. At this stage however, the port had networking, sound effect support and support for Retargetable Graphics (RTG). With version 0.5, released on January 6, 1998, the port gained a rudimentary configuration script, StartDoom. In it, you could specify whether to launch from the Workbench or the Shell, as well as allowing how many audio channels AmiDoom should support for sound effects.

The low detail graphics mode, which was broken in earlier releases was fixed along with several performance improvements in version 0.6, released on January 15, 1998. Curiously, it mentions that The Ultimate Doom, TNT: Evilution, The Plutonia Experiment and Eternal Doom are working with this version of the port.


One more release followed: Version 0.7c, released on January 23, 1998. This release saw improved sound, a 68060 optimized version, minor fixes and a clean up of its source. After this release, development halted, and as such, other early ports surpassed its feature set, making AmiDoom less relevant.

A reason for its discontinuation was never given. However as the author was a student at the Chalmers University of Technology at the time, it can be assumed that studies got into the way of further developments.


  • 320x200 resolution (same as Linux Doom)
  • Works on ECS and on AGA
  • RTG support, allows standardized resolutions and true colour screens to be available through common SVGA adapters, using CyberGraphX.
  • Sound effect support for multiple channels and panning (but not music). AmiDoom allows for adjustment of the amount of channels for sound effects. Up to sixteen channels are supported, but they come at the cost of performance
  • Can be launched from Workbench and the Shell, through a script called StartDoom
  • Mouse support
  • Network support
  • Support for Doom (including The Ultimate Doom re-release) and Doom II
  • Support for the Final Doom episodes


AmiDoom requires a Amiga with AmigaOS 2.0+ and a 68020 (020) processor with 6MB of RAM, making it one of the lighter ports for the system.

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