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Amulets & Armor
Amulets & Armor is a game developed by United Software Artists and released in January 1997. The game engine is notable for using the same WAD format for maps as Doom, but otherwise it is not related. The gameplay of the game differs radically from Doom due to numerous RPG elements including character development. The game consists of seven quests (each is basically an episode of four to five levels), which may be completed in any order by killing monsters and searching for loot.

The full game can be downloaded freely from the official site, and the source code has been opened under the terms of the GPLv3.


# Difficulty Level Maps Reward Name Goal
1 Easy 1st 5 10 GP Visions of Jugurtha Return with Jugurtha's Journal
2 Medium easy 4th 3 20 GP The Knights of Andrew Find the Necklace of Andrew
3 Medium 5th 6 150k EXP Elmore's Retreat Retrieve the Orb of Defense
4 Medium 7th 4 50 GP Exiguus and the Undead Bring back the Orb of the Undead
5 Medium 10th 4 35 GP/200k EXP Temple of Astarte Take out Elmas and get his notes
6 Hard 10th 3 75 GP The Lost City Get the Wand of Disintegration
7 Very Hard 12th 5 100 GP/350k EXP Destruction Find the stolen Orb of Destruction


Name STR CON ACC STL MAG SPD Armor Weapons Magik system
Citizen 25 25 25 25 25 25 All All Arcane
Knight 35 35 20 15 10 15 All All Arcane
Mage 10 15 25 25 35 20 Leather Staff/Dagger Mage
Warlock 25 20 20 20 30 10 Up to Chain No crossbow Mage
Priest 15 25 15 20 35 20 Up to Chain Mace/Staff Priest
Rogue 15 15 25 30 15 30 Leather No longsword Arcane
Archer 20 20 35 20 15 20 Up to leather Any Arcane
Sailor 25 35 20 25 10 15 Up to chain Any Arcane
Paladin 30 30 15 20 25 10 Any No bow Priest
Mercenary 30 25 25 20 10 20 Any No mace Arcane
Magician 15 15 20 30 30 20 Leather Sword/Dagger/Staff Mage

Technical Details[edit]

Amulets & Armor uses the WAD format, but only for maps. Textures, sprites and sounds are stored in PICS.RES and SOUNDS.RES using the Res format, which is similar to WAD. Each level is stored in its own WAD as MAP01. Most textures and UI graphics are stored in the MipImage format.


  • After dying, the keyboard movement controls are disabled but the mouse controls still work. It is possible to walk around and even jump while dead. If a level is completed while dead, the player's health is restored when entering the new level but all the items are lost (as they are still on the corpse in the previous level)


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