Ancalagon (formerly Rodrigo) is a Doom speedrunner and level designer who, as of June 2023, submitted more than 830 demos with a total duration of over 82 hours to the Doom Speed Demo Archive. One of these runs was a D2all UV max of Alien Vendetta that took 4 hours and 13 minutes. He also did a UV max of Bastion of Chaos in 56 minutes.[1]

Body of work[edit]



  • Dubzzz's 5Minute Design Assembly #3 (Doomworld/idgames)
    • MAP43: Totally not dimensions map03
    • MAP64: Tas180
  • ode2impslayer (Doomworld/idgames)
    • MAP14: Marigold (#2 mhrz fan) - Today at 12:27 AM
    • MAP15: Rocket laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauncher

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  1. "Bastion of Chaos UV-Max in 56:07." YouTube.