Andrea Rovenski (Cyberdemon531)


Andrea Rovenski (alias Cyberdemon531) is a Doom level designer and speedrunner, best known for her UV max runs.

Speedrunning accomplishments[edit]

  • Since February 2017, she held the UV max movie records for Doom II, TNT: Evilution, and The Plutonia Experiment on the Doom Speed Demo Archive, but was succeeded for Doom II (by j4rio) and The Plutonia Experiment (by tchkb) during Spring 2019.
  • With over 1900 demos at a duration of 181 hours as of June 2022, she is ranked #2 in demo count and #3 in total time on the DSDA. Individual recordings have also been noted for their extreme length, such as mmall-41052 (Memento Mori UV max).

Modding projects[edit]

Cyberdemon531 is also an occasional mapper. All of her finished releases to date are for GZDoom, and part of a series called SecretDoom.

The community tends to judge The Green Machine as her strongest effort, for its experimentation and its integration of a definite storyline, and Hell's Memento as the weakest, citing its inconsistent quality.






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