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The Archdemons are the personal subordinates of the Nameless One, and are second only to the Dark Lord in their power and authority over the armies of Hell. Though the Archdemons were introduced in the lore of Doom Eternal, none appear in the game itself and the two DLC episodes make no further mention of them.


Only one Archdemon is currently known by name:

  • Erebus: Called the Keeper of the Spire City of Dis and Slavemaster of the Damned, Erebus is said to be vile and despicable even by the standards of his own kind. He commands the damned souls enslaved in Hell, forcing them to build ever greater monuments and cities in his name for all eternity.


  • In Doom Eternal, the Codex states that the spectre was summoned by the Six Sealed Eyes as part of an unsuccessful rebellion against the Archdemons.