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Argent D'Nur

Argent D'Nur is a location and the final level of Doom (2016). The shattered remnants of the city of Argent within a mysterious world long ago conquered by the demons, crushed by the Icon of Sin, and absorbed into Hell, it was the home of the Night Sentinels and the location from which the Doom Slayer is thought to have gained immense power for fighting against the demonic hordes. It is the location of the source of Argent energy, the power produced by the Elemental Wraiths, known as "The Well," which is also the name of the thirteenth and final mission which takes place there. The Spider Mastermind serves as the boss of this level. By destroying it and exercising the powers of the Crucible, the Hell portal on Mars created by Olivia Pierce can finally be sealed.

"By destroying VEGA, you've created a portal directly into the heart of Hell. Now you must find your way to the source of the UAC's power known as The Well. The Crucible will allow you to absorb and contain the energy of The Well for good."
― Loading description


Information decoded from the Corrax tablets indicated that the battle to absorb Argent D'Nur was one of great significance to the demons and began an acceleration of Hell's dominion. A dimensional fracture in this area connects to the Argent Fracture on Mars, and is the source of the UAC's Argent energy. The Corrax tablets include a quoted passage referring to the area:

"All falls before the command of Hell, for our power is absolute, our march to victory inevitable. Before our armies, even the Elemental Wraiths of Argent D'Nur were subjugated. In that great victory the Night Sentinels, protectors of the Wraiths, were betrayed by one of their own, and the wretches wept as we devoured their world and took The Well for our devices. None stand against us, for treachery resides in all things and we shall set it free."
― Corrax tablets

Mission 13: The Well[edit]

The destruction of VEGA propels the Doom marine into the ruins of Argent, a city on the world of Argent D'Nur that was absorbed into Hell following the unleashing of the Icon of Sin against that world. Despite fierce resistance from the demons, the marine fights his way to The Well and stabs the Crucible into the captive souls of three Wraiths, releasing the souls and shutting off the transfer of their energy to Mars. After releasing the final Wraith, the marine drops into a pit and finds a blood-stained and white-eyed Olivia Pierce waiting for him, who whispers "They promised me so much," before being pulled into a blood pool and transformed into the Spider Mastermind. The marine manages to fatally weaken the Mastermind before finishing it off with a point-blank shot from the BFG-9000, after which he is tethered back to Mars. When the marine returns, however, Samuel Hayden takes the Crucible away and explains that the world must have Argent energy as things will be worse without it, and that the marine cannot be allowed to interfere; he tells the marine they will see each other again, before sending the marine to an unknown location as the credits begin to roll.


A detailed walkthrough is available for this level.


Close The Well
Access The Well Cathedral
Lay the wraith's souls to rest (0/3)
Find the exit portal


Hold Still
Kill two Barons of Hell with one shot.
The only opportunity to complete this comes in the third Wraith arena. There is a quad damage powerup in the arena which you should save until the barons have teleported in; once this happens, take the powerup then fire the BFG-9000 once both barons are within sight.
Uncharted Territory
Find all three "Skull Switch" secrets.
This challenge actually requires you to press three skull switches and then find the secrets they unlock; as a hint, all the secrets are behind wooden doors with red-eyed skulls. Refer to the "Secrets" section of the walkthrough for the switch locations.
Kill 25 demons with the BFG.
Save the BFG for the Wraith arenas as they will usually be full of enemies. The further the BFG ball can travel, the more damage it will inflict and the more targets it can seek out.

Special items[edit]

Item Amount
Argent cells None
Combat support drones None
Praetor tokens None
Rune trials None
Secrets 5
Datapads None

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