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Argent D'Nur

This page contains a detailed walkthrough for Argent D'Nur, the thirteenth level of Doom (2016).



Close The Well
Access The Well Cathedral
Lay the wraith's souls to rest (0/3)
Find the exit portal


Head forward until you see some steps on your left, go down them then follow the path until you can jump down to an arena with fighting imps and cacodemons which will be followed by Hell knights, summoners, revenants, pinkies and mancubi; use the berserk powerup on the stairs to slay as quickly as possible. Once the arena is finally clear, go up the open door by the blue portal at the very top of the arena to enter the Well Cathedral then head straight forward until you reach a pair of Night Sentinel statues. Look right at this point to see an outcrop with armor shards that you can jump to then start following the ledges along the chasm, killing any cacodemons and lost souls that impede your progress. At the end of the chasm, you can jump down to a sandy path which leads to the first Wraith arena.

The first arena initially contains a knight and imps, but they will be followed by revenants, Hell razers, pinkies and spectres; make full use the quad damage powerup on the bridge running through this area. A pair of gates will open allowing you to climb some staircases with a Gauss cannon and other supplies at the top as well as the first Wraith; stab the Crucible into it to destroy it, and you will see a Sentinel spirit pointing in the direction of the second Wraith. Head back down the stairs and look right to see a jump pad that will propel you to the floor above, climb on the stone block in front of you to find a BFG core then jump into the mouth of the skull on your left to enter a tunnel which will slope upwards before dropping into the second Wraith arena, which spans multiple levels. Expect imps, razers and knights followed by a large contingent of revenants, cyber-mancubi and pinkies plus a baron of Hell; there is a berserk powerup on a ledge so get as many kills with it as possible. Head up the next set of stairs once the arena is clear to find lots of supplies including another BFG core, then turn round to see the second Wraith behind you; as before, after destroying it a Sentinel spirit will point you in the correct direction.

Head back down the stairs and look to your right to see a glowing green skull; inside it is a hole that leads down to another tunnel. Follow the tunnel as it curves round until you reach a metal doorway leading to the third and final Wraith arena. You will initially find some knights and pinkies along with a pack of imps, which will be followed by cyber-mancubi, revenants, cacodemons and three barons (this is your only opportunity to complete the Hold Still challenge so consider saving the quad damage powerup in this arena for that purpose). After killing all the demons, head through the yellow gates and climb the staircases to find the final Wraith. Go back down the stairs after destroying it to find that a pit surrounded by Sentinel spirits has opened; jump down it to begin the battle with the Spider Mastermind.

Spider Mastermind[edit]

The Mastermind is a highly durable foe, so this will be a battle of endurance as much as firepower. The Mastermind has a plasma cannon on its underside and can launch a spread of grenades from launchers on its sides; it may also project laser beams in all directions, including a laser from its plasma cannon that will sweep across your position. The Mastermind can also advance on you to swipe at you with its front claws, and leap to the side and flip itself over to dodge incoming fire. Blocks will rise from the floor that you can use as cover, but they will quickly be destroyed by sustained fire so do not rely on them too much. Fire everything you have into the Mastermind, throwing siphon grenades when possible, and aim at the exposed brain whenever possible to inflict maximum damage. A direct hit with the BFG will stun the Mastermind for a moment, interrupting whatever attack it was using, so use it tactically.

Once the Mastermind reaches 66% health it will begin electrifying the floor; if a number of blocks rise from the floor, climb on top of them quickly but do not remain on the same block for long or you being hit with purple lightning. The Mastermind can also electrify the blocks themselves, so do not go near the blocks when this happens. At 10-15% the heavily damaged Mastermind will not be able to move freely but it can still fire laser beams and telekinetically throw rocks at you, so do not underestimate its power as you close in for the kill. When the Mastermind finally runs out of health, wait for it to collapse to the ground then perform a glory kill to finish it off and complete the game!

Classic level[edit]

Follow the directions below to find the second "secret" skull switch, then go into the tunnel it opens. About halfway along the tunnel is a blood-stained wall with a lever under it, which will open the wall to your right and reveal the flesh-column room from Doom's E3M3: Pandemonium. The only items inside it are an energy cell and a medikit.

Automap station[edit]

After reaching the two Night Sentinel statues in the Well Cathedral, turn right and go forward until you pass under a stone arch. You will see the bottom of a staircase on your right leading up to the automap station.


Hold Still
Kill two Barons of Hell with one shot.
The only opportunity to complete this comes in the third Wraith arena. There is a quad damage powerup in the arena which you should save until the barons have teleported in; once this happens, take the powerup then fire the BFG once both barons are within sight.
Uncharted Territory
Find all three "Skull Switch" secrets.
This challenge actually requires you to press three skull switches and then find the secrets they unlock; as a hint, all the secrets are behind wooden doors with red-eyed skulls. Refer to the "Secrets" section below for the switch locations.
Kill 25 demons with the BFG.
Save the BFG for the Wraith arenas as they will usually be full of enemies. The further the BFG ball can travel, the more damage it will inflict and the more targets it can seek out.


The three skull switch secrets needed for the "Uncharted Territory" challenge are as follows:

  1. After entering the Well Cathedral, drop down one level and look to your right to see the first skull switch. After pressing it, climb back up to the ledge you just dropped off - the wide door to the right of the entrance has opened revealing a BFG core and a gas canister.
  2. The second switch is halfway up the left-hand staircase leading to the first Wraith. Pressing it opens a door near the skull that hides the tunnel to the second Wraith arena; behind the door is a tunnel leading to the classic level area as well as the lever that opens it.
  3. After entering the tunnel leading to the third Wraith arena, look right as you go up some steps to see the third skull switch. Press it then head back the way you came; a wooden door has opened revealing a BFG core and a mega health.


Picture Name Unlocks model How to find
Cosmoguy Chaingun Go up the left-hand staircase leading to the second Wraith and you will see a gap in it near the top. Drop through this gap to find Cosmoguy.
Goldguy Spider Mastermind Unlocked automatically after defeating the final boss.

Arcade Mode[edit]

In Arcade Mode you will start above the arena at the cathedral exterior and finish at the third Wraith.


  1. At the foot of the stairs in the first arena.
  2. On the middle level of the cathedral interior.
  3. Near the back of the first Wraith arena.
  4. Near the middle of the second Wraith arena.
  5. Near the middle of the third Wraith arena.


  1. A collectible floats above the stairs in the first arena. You can just reach it by double-jumping from the walkways on either side, but not from the top of the stairs.
  2. To the right of the second Wraith is a stone column. Jump over to it to reach a collectible.