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Argent Energy Tower

This page contains a detailed walkthrough for Argent Energy Tower, the fifth level of Doom (2016).



Kill Olivia Pierce
Obtain thrust boots
Cross the bridge
Scale the Tower


Follow the path until you can drop down to a loading bay with crates, then go inside the storage area and look right to see your first revenant - this enemy bombards you with rockets and is capable of limited flight, so be ready to shoot it in mid-air. Drop down to the floor below to deal with the revenant along with some possessed soldiers and Hell razers, then go through the door in the opposite corner of the loading area to enter a locker room containing the Delta V jump-boots - these items will allow you to double-jump. Leave the locker room and look to your left to see an inactive cargo lift; you can use the jump-boots to reach the ledges either side of the lift, then double-jump again to reach the top of the lift shaft. Head outside to a second loading bay and climb on the crates, then jump to the ledge on your left to reach the pipeline bridge. Follow the ledges across the bridge until you drop down to an octagonal platform; this will cause imps to start appearing, so look up to identify their positions before they can snipe you. Continue climbing upwards until you reach some metal pipes above the bridge, then follow the walkway until you reach a large gap that you can jump across to reach the base of the tower.

After the cutscene, turn left and head round to a door that you can force open; the elevator is unusable, but approach the door to find the super shotgun and the automap station next to it. Force open the next door to find a curved walkway where you will confront imps as well as two summoners; there is a quad damage powerup on a ledge near the midpoint of the walkway that will give you a significant advantage (and allow you to complete the Overkiller challenge). Go to the end of the walkway once the enemies are slain to find a maintenance door and head through it to see some large moving blocks which are rotating anti-clockwise - follow one of the blocks closely until you drop down to the floor below, then follow the floor round until you can climb up to a ledge on your left. Follow the path through a couple of narrow arches until you reach a small door and go through it, then open a hatch on your left to drop down to the bottom level of the tower interior.

Squeeze under the next door and you will be confronted by a mancubus - keep your distance to avoid the fireballs from its arm cannons, and target its head and stomach for maximum damage. Head to the left side of the tower to find another quad damage powerup and use it to kill the mancubi, imps and other enemies infesting the bottom level then use any of the green-lit buttons around the area to raise the platform below you and allow you to reach the moving yellow cores on the outside walls. Ride the cores up until you reach a cross-shaped walkway then head up two slopes to reach some ledges that you can climb to reach a circular platform with two more slopes leading off of it. Go up either slope and turn left or right to jump to the next walkway, then head back towards the core and climb on to any of the green-lit bars. There is a rotating section above you which stops periodically, allowing conduits to extend into square holes around the core; climb into any of the holes and wait for the rotator, then leap up to the conduit hatch as it opens before the conduit extends and crushes you to reach the second floor of the tower.

The second floor is infested by revenants, Hell knights and soldiers, but there is a green invulnerability powerup on a high ledge that will give you some breathing space if you can reach it. Once the area is clear the objective marker will direct you to a ferry drone, which you can climb on top of to reach a door that leads to a control console; use the panel on the console to activate the drone, then quickly get on top of it again before it starts moving so it can carry you further upwards. Once the drone stops moving, jump over to a platform on the outside wall and look up to see another rotating section above you; when it is directly overhead, jump on top of it and wait for another conduit to extend towards the core then run along the conduit to climb on some large square ducts. One of the ducts has another platform just above it, so climb on that platform and get on top of a crate to see a circular ledge above your head which is periodically zapped by red electrical bolts - climb on the ledge once the bolts have stopped firing then run all the way round it and climb up two more platforms to get on top of the electricity generator which will carry you up to another door.

Force the door open and kill the possessed scientists and soldiers waiting behind it, then follow the passage to a second door and climb the stairs behind it to see some more rotating blocks on your left. Go to the end of the passage then turn left to see an opening leading back into the tower interior and time a jump up to it, then turn round and jump past the blocks again to reach the floor above. Jump across to the ammo crate in front of you and use the overhead ledges to reach the top of the shaft, then follow the passage up another flight of stairs and go through the door at the top. Look left to see an open elevator door and jump to the ledge behind it, then turn round and shoot all four red supports to drop the elevator so you can finally reach the tower roof. Grab the armor and weapons ahead then pull open the large metal door in front of you to start the final battle; after the cutscene, fight off all the approaching revenants and other demons until the screen fades to white and the level ends automatically.

Classic level[edit]

After activating the ferry drones in the tower interior, get on the drone on the side of the tower opposite their control room and ride it up to the top; just before the drone enters its refueling alcove, jump on the platform above it to find a lever. After pulling the lever again, ride the drone back down - the back wall of its lower alcove has opened, revealing the northern-most room from Doom's E2M6: Halls of the Damned. As with the original level, stepping on the center platform with the armor will open some alcoves around it, revealing more ammo pickups.


Perform four "Neck" or "Jaw Breaker" glory kills on the imp (attack from behind).
Searching High and Low
Find three secrets.
Kill fifteen demons using quad damage.

Special items[edit]

After climbing past the tops of the rotating blocks near the top of the tower you will see two holes in front of you. Drop down the right-hand hole to collect a mega health powerup on the way down.


Picture Name Unlocks model How to find
Orangeguy Pistol After entering the tower and getting past the first set of rotating blocks, you will drop to a floor below. Follow that floor all the way round until you reach a stationery block. Use the ledge on your right to get on top of this block, then turn round to leap up to a sloping walkway above you. Jump from the top of the slope to another ledge next to another set of blocks which are rotating clockwise, then follow one of these blocks until you can drop down to the platform holding the Orangeguy.
Purpleguy Summoner After traversing the cross-shaped walkway above the first floor of the tower interior, you will come to a circular platform with two more slopes leading off of it. Purpleguy can be found under one of these slopes, but you will have to make a careful double-jump from the bottom of the slope to reach it.

Other items[edit]

Item How to find
Datapad #1 (Environments - Argent Energy Tower #2) By the vending machine next to the jump-boots.
Rune trial #1 As you enter the loading area you will see a rune trial stone through the barrier ahead; after collecting the jump-boots you can reach this area from the floor below by standing on a nearby crate. This rune trial will unlock the Ammo Boost rune when completed.
Argent cell #1 After collecting the jump-boots and reaching the top of the cargo lift, climb up two more ledges to get on top of a red and black pipe above you then turn left to see a broken orange fence. Drop down to this fence to see the cell container behind it.
Combat support drone There is a curved staircase on the left-hand side of the bridge - go up it and climb into the room at the top to face some scientists and a security soldier, then head across the bridge to enter the right-hand tower where more soldiers and a knight are waiting. The combat drone is at the back of this tower by a desk.
Datapad #2 (Monsters - Revenant #2) On a desk near the combat support drone.
Elite guard #1 Before climbing up from the walkway to the tower base, look left to see a ledge below that you can drop to. Turn round and continue heading down to reach an elite guard.
Datapad #3 (Monsters - Summoner #2) As soon as you force open the door to the tower elevator, look left to see the datapad on a desk next to a health station.
Elite guard #2 After entering the tower and getting past the first set of rotating blocks, follow the bottom floor until you can climb up to a ledge on your left then look left to see an elite guard resting against a door.
Datapad #4 (Database - Argent Energy #2) From the second elite guard, turn round and head through the doorway behind you to find the datapad next to a health station
Argent cell #2 After clearing the second floor of the tower interior, you can climb on to a cargo drone to enter a room with a control console. Head past the console to find the cell container at the end of a narrow passage.
Rune trial #2 After climbing past the rotating blocks near the top of the tower you will see a white platform below. Look left at this point to find the trial stone for the Equipment Power rune.
Elite guard #3 After climbing past the rotating blocks near the top of the tower, jump over to an ammo crate then continue upwards to the floor above. There is an elite guard on a small ledge at the top of the shaft.

Arcade Mode[edit]

In Arcade Mode you will start and finish the level as normal. Because the Delta V jump-boots are always available in Arcade Mode, you do not need to collect them (the room they are kept in is locked) and can proceed straight to the pipeline bridge.


  1. Inside the loading bay area.
  2. Flying in a circular pattern around the bottom level of the tower exterior. This mine moves quickly.
  3. Flying in a circular pattern around the perimeter of the second arena in the tower exterior. This mine moves very quickly.
  4. Flying in a circular pattern around the interior of the final arena. This mine moves quickly.


  1. A collectible can be found between the broken pipes at the end of the pipeline bridge.
  2. The second collectible is above the door leading to the control panel that activates the cargo drones. You can reach it by jumping from a nearby support.

Tips and tricks[edit]

  • Jump pads are added in several locations so you can skip some of the platforming sections. These include the loading bay, the pipeline bridge and the rotating conduits in the tower interior.
  • Armor shards are added along the path to help sustain your multiplier. You can grab them even if your armor is maxed out.
  • Red portals will appear in the arenas inside the tower once you have cleared those areas. Use them to skip climbing up the cargo elevators and drones.