Argent Facility (Destroyed)


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Argent Facility (Destroyed)

The destroyed Argent Facility is the seventh level of Doom (2016), to which the Doom marine returns after escaping from the Kadingir Sanctum. It includes a mixture of previously-visited areas of the Argent Facility as well as some new locations. The seventh mission, Hell on Mars, so named as the open portal to Hell is now unleashing a constant stream of more powerful demons, takes place here.

"You fought your way out of Hell and managed to return, but now the demons have staked their claim on Mars. You must find a way to shut down the Hell portal Olivia created."
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Mission 07: Hell on Mars[edit]

After escaping from Hell and returning to the now-destroyed Argent Facility, the Doom marine learns from Samuel Hayden that the portal Olivia created cannot be shut down from this end; VEGA is trying to access Olivia's files, and the marine is directed to a nearby computer room where more information will be available. The marine locates the terminal and finds that Olivia has been studying an artifact which bears his mark; this item is kept in her private laboratory in the Lazarus facility near the Advanced Research Complex, which is about 80 kilometers away. Although VEGA can supply power to a nearby tram to take the marine there, he will require a corporate clearance card to access it; the marine is directed to a security station where the card can be obtained. At the security station the marine finds that a pinky has eaten the employee holding the card he needs, and follows an echo recording of it through another part of the facility until he finds the pinky's corpse still holding the card. With this card, the marine is able to reach the tram station and board a tram to the Advanced Research Complex.


A detailed walkthrough is available for this level.


Go to the Lazarus Facility
Go to the security station
Retrieve the yellow access key
Go to the Advanced Research Complex


Skeet Shoot
Kill a revenant while it is in mid-air.
The Gauss cannon's Siege Mode mod can kill a revenant in one shot.
Close Encounters
Kill five demons with the chainsaw.
Save the chainsaw for smaller demons as they require less fuel to kill.
Knowledge is Power
Acquire three data logs.
Check the "Other items" section of the walkthrough for information on finding the datapads.

Special items[edit]

Item Amount
Argent cells 1
Combat support drones 1
Praetor tokens 4
Rune trials 2
Secrets 6
Datapads 5

Areas / screenshots[edit]

Inspiration & development[edit]

Game director Hugo Martin has mentioned[citation needed] that Doom (2016) originally included the swimming physics that were later used in Doom Eternal, and that they were originally intended for use in an area cut from this level. Areas of the Argent Facility that were previously filled with ice from cryonic cooling systems were intended to have melted, flooding the area completely. While inaccessible in the final game, those areas still have signage indicating that they are closed due to flooding.

Also according to Martin, the internal development name of this level was "Surface Returns".[1]


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