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Argent Facility (Destroyed)

This page contains a detailed walkthrough for Argent Facility (Destroyed), the seventh level of Doom (2016).



Go to the Lazarus Facility
Go to the security station
Retrieve the yellow access key
Go to the Advanced Research Complex


Turn round and head up the stairs, then go through two doors and follow the walkway until a cacodemon appears in front of you. Climb up the structure on your right until you get to a broken bridge, then turn left and follow the bridge until you go up some steps from where you will be able to jump to an overhead ledge. Climb the boxes on your left and jump to a broken catwalk, then follow this over a large gap until you can drop down to a covered bridge below your position. Go through the door on your left to enter a computer room and use the indicated terminal to get the information you need. Leave the computer room through the door behind you and cycle the airlock to get back outside, then turn right to confront some possessed scientists followed by imps, revenants, cacodemons and a Hell knight. Once all the demons are killed, head forward between the crates and jump over a low fence to land in the area that held the first gore nest on your first trip through the facility; there is a Berserk powerup here that you can use to dispose of the summoner and other enemies that appear.

Head forward to a sandy path with a rock column; as you walk past the column you will see some gray crates ahead that you can use to climb up to the airlock marked "Zone 7 - Sector D". Go through the airlock to a blood-soaked passage and follow it to a door you can squeeze under, which will bring you to a wide hallway containing a pinky; this demon has heavy armor on its front side, so get it to charge into walls then attack its soft tail while it is stunned. After killing all the pinkies that appear along with some possessed soldiers, head towards the security station entrance to find a chaingun next to a computer panel, which will bring up an echo recording of a pinky eating an employee carrying a yellow access card. The recording will head towards an airlock, so go through it to find an arena with a quad damage powerup that will help you kill the imps, pinkies and revenants in this area. Head up the staircase to find some scientists who will be joined by revenants, imps and cacodemons, followed by two pinkies and a mancubus who come across a bridge.

Go through the door that the pinkies and mancubus came through to find a Gauss cannon, then follow the passage until you see a gore nest on your left guarded by scientists and a Hell razer; attacking the nest will bring in some pinkies, razers, knights, soldiers and a baron of Hell. Head across the sunken walkway in the electrified pit to find some scientists and an engineer guarding a chainsaw, then go through the door here and turn right to follow the walkway to a rock path, which leads up to a crashed hovership with a second gore nest next to it. Attack the nest to trigger an encounter with imps, revenants, cacodemons, a knight and a mancubus (use the Haste powerup in the corner to help you) then head through the now-open door at the top of the stairs and go forward to find the dead pinky holding the yellow key you need.

With the key, go through the yellow door behind you and drop down a shaft leading back to the first gore nest area then turn right and right again to see another yellow door which you can pass through. Force the next door open to reach the tram station and kill all the waiting scientists, soldiers and imps, then use the console inside the tram to finish the level.

Classic level[edit]

Near the start of the level you will walk along a broken bridge and jump up to a ledge with some crates; behind the crates is a lever that you can pull. Go back down to the bridge then drop down to a circular platform just below it, where a door has opened leading to the super shotgun room from Doom II's MAP02: Underhalls; sure enough, you will find the weapon at the end of this room.


Skeet Shoot
Kill a revenant while it is in mid-air.
The Gauss cannon's Siege Mode mod can kill a revenant in one shot.
Close Encounters
Kill five demons with the chainsaw.
Save the chainsaw for smaller demons as they require less fuel to kill.
Knowledge is Power
Acquire three data logs.
Check the "Other items" section below for information on finding the datapads.


Picture Name Unlocks model How to find
Rageguy Cacodemon After climbing on to the broken bridge near the start, turn left and follow the bridge until you reach an orange pipe then turn right and drop to the ledge below. Rageguy will be on your left, next to some armor shards.
Patriotguy Baron of Hell In the room with the dead pinky holding the yellow card, look at the ceiling to see a ledge that you can jump up to. Walk through the broken vent covering here to find Patriotguy.

Other items[edit]

The automap station is to the right of the security station entrance, just after the first pinky encounter.

Item How to find
Datapad #1 (Monsters - Baron of Hell #2) This datapad is directly behind you as the level starts.
Elite guard #1 This elite guard is inside the covered bridge that you drop down to near the start.
Datapad #2 (Environments - Argent Facility #3) In the room containing the computer terminals.
Rune trial #1 After climbing up to the door marked "Zone 7", do not go through it; instead, look left until you see a rune trial stone that you can jump across to. This trial will unlock the In-flight Mobility rune.
Elite guard #2 Underneath the ledge with the first rune trial stone is a tunnel; step into the pit while facing the ledge to see a mega health powerup at the entrance. If you manage to reach the powerup, enter the tunnel behind it to find an elite guard.
Datapad #3 (UAC Personnel - Samuel Hayden #2) On a bench to the left of the security station entrance.
Elite guard #3 After activating the recording of the pinky, go through the airlock it heads through then use the jump pad on your right to propel yourself up to a platform with this elite guard.
Datapad #4 (Monsters - Mancubus #3) Cross the bridge past the second pinky recording and go through a large door. This datapad is sitting next to a Gauss cannon.
Combat support drone Just before reaching the first gore nest you will see this drone sitting on top of a crate; it will fly away as you approach. By the sunken walkway near the gore nest is a console that will activate a crane, which will lower a crate that you can climb on. Jump to the catwalk to your left and follow it round to the drone.
Rune trial #2 After passing through the first gore nest area and going back outside, turn left and follow the walkway until you drop down to a rock ledge. There is another walkway here that you can follow round to a rune trial stone, which will unlock the Armored Offensive rune.
Argent cell As soon as you climb up to the second gore nest area, turn round and jump to a rock platform behind you then drop down the other side to find the cell container.
Datapad #5 (Monsters - Cacodemon #2) By the crashed hovership next to the second gore nest.
Elite guard #4 From the yellow key, go through the yellow door behind you and drop down the shaft behind it. When you hit the bottom, climb into the vent above you and follow it to the elite guard.

Arcade Mode[edit]

In Arcade Mode you will start at the airlock past the computer room and finish inside the tram.


  1. Towards the back of the first arena.
  2. In the area where you found the third gore nest in Argent Facility.
  3. From the area with the second mine, look across to another platform on the same level as yourself. The third mine is floating around this area
  4. From the level with the second/third mines, jump down to ground level to find the fourth mine near a berserk powerup.
  5. Follow the demon recording to an outdoor area with a quad damage powerup then use the jump pad to propel yourself to the upper platform. A mine is floating around here.
  6. On the roof with the destroyed spaceship, just before the yellow key.


  1. Follow the demon recording to an outdoor area with a quad damage powerup, then look left to see a collectible in mid-air behind a fence. Jump to the collectible to grab it and land on the ground below, then use a nearby jump pad to get yourself back on track.
  2. After exiting the crane room you can turn left or right. Turn left and follow the path as if you were going to the second rune trial, but when you drop down to a rock ledge turn round to see a collectible behind you. You will drop down to another ledge with a jump pad that will put you back on the correct path.