Armageddon (ZPack episode)


Armageddon is the third and final episode of ZPack - Random Maps for ZDoom. The episode is the most difficult of all three episodes, and also contains the largest and longest maps. The major theme carried by the majority of the maps is Hell, where the player has arrived to settle the score once and for all.

When the ZPack team was coming to a decision about how the different maps that were being made would be ordered it was noticed that, out of those submitted so far, the easiest were techbase themed maps and the hardest were those bearing a Hell theme. Accordingly, when the maps were divided into episodes, all the hardest, Hell themed maps were placed in the final episode.

As the player traverses Hell throughout the episode, there are several notable locations including: a brimstone fortress perpetually caught in a violent storm (E3M4), an overhauled version of Doom II's The Spirit World (E3M5), a maze-like Hell base filled with blood and death (E3M7), and a secretive zone which literally builds itself around you (E3M0).