Title screen
Authors BigMemka, Shadowman
Port GZDoom
Year 2020
Link Doom Power forums thread

Ascension is a megawad built for Doom II and the GZDoom source port, created by Shadowman and BigMemka. First released in 2020, it is a spin-off and successor to Shadowman's The Inquisitor III, set in the familiar fantasy world of Khorus and sees the return of many of the creatures and weapons originally found in Inquisitor III. Most notably, Ascension also features a tweaked RPG system also originating from the same mod, with once again up to five different attributes that the player can improve over time.

Ascension features 22 maps, two of which had to be split from an original roster of 20 for size concerns. Like before, the world is presented as a hub allowing to traverse back and forth between several levels, and some locations feature NPCs that may be talked to or who can provide supplies or new skills to help the player's journey.

The latest version of Ascension is 1.6, dated to March 23, 2023.


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