Ashes 2063


Ashes 2063
Title screen
Author Vostyok
Port GZDoom
Year 2018
Link Original ZDoom thread
Enriched Edition ZDoom post
Cacoward-2018.png This mod was a runner-up for the 2018 Cacowards on Doomworld!

Ashes 2063 is a total conversion for the GZDoom engine developed by Vostyok. Set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun with radiation, vicious mutants, and marauding gangs, the player takes control of a scavenger, or "scav", who loots abandoned buildings and militia camps for valuable items to sell at various settlements. Amid growing hostilities between gangs in the area, the scav embarks on a dangerous journey to determine the source of a mysterious radio signal that has been broadcasting from the ruins of the nearby abandoned and irradiated metropolis. A sequel, Ashes: Afterglow, was released in 2021.

Development of Ashes 2063 began in January 2015 and progressed steadily over the following years, until an initial release on September 23, 2018. The mod features ten levels, and being a total conversion, replaces virtually everything from the original game: there is an all new arsenal with a reloading system, new weapon types and powerups, an all-new cast of enemies with more advanced AI, friendly NPCs who can be talked to for information or lore, and a wide variety of locales including abandoned towns, dark underground passages, a bombed out highway, a crumbling city and secret military laboratories. A currency system is included wherein junk and other tools found in the levels can be sold as currency to several shops to obtain weapons, items and even upgrades. The mod also contains a fully drivable motorcycle in some of the maps, as well as an irradiation system taking the place of conventional damaging floors. Ashes 2063 contains a brand new soundtrack by well known composer John Weekley (PRIMEVAL).

An expansion pack called Ashes: Dead Man Walking was released by ReformedJoe on December 10, 2018, featuring four new maps and requiring the original Ashes 2063 TC to play. On October 21, 2021, a remastered version of the mod dubbed Ashes 2063: Enriched Edition was released, which revised and merged the expansion pack into the main mod as an additional episode, updated many of the gameplay mechanics and graphics to match the sequel, Afterglow, and made other various fixes and improvements.

Ashes 2063 was one of the runner-ups at the 2018 Cacowards.


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