Automap asteroids


Automap asteroids was supposed to be an Easter egg in the Doom automap display. If completed, it would have reproduced the classic arcade game Asteroids. Dave Taylor started the hack; however, it was never finished.

The Doom source code release contains a list of files which includes a file named "am_oids.c". This is the file which contained the automap asteroids code. However, the file was removed by Bernd Kreimeier who cleaned up the code before its public release.

A copy of the file was obtained from John Romero. However, it is clear that the concept was never properly developed. Specifically, the file references functions which do not exist (presumably they were never written) and contains only some basic data structures and simple collision detection code.

Similar implementations[edit]

Although they were not hidden, some earlier id Software games contained variations of Pong built into the game's main menu:

  • The second trilogy in the Commander Keen series, Goodbye, Galaxy! listed the game as "Paddle War."
  • Catacomb 3-D called it "Skull 'n' Bones", and the "ball" sprite was replaced with a skull.

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