Automap scale preserved after warps in Heretic and Hexen


As a rule in the Doom engine games, the range of scales in the automap is defined by the size of the level. The full scale has been reached when the complete layout of the level fits nearly entirely to the automap screen. However, there is a quirk in Heretic and Hexen that allows the player to pass the limit temporarily.

If the player uses the warp cheat (engage or visit) while being in the automap view, the new level will start in the map mode with the scale of the old level. The effect will also occur if one begins a new level via the main menu under the same conditions. By exiting the automap view and switching to it again, the map will adopt the normal range of scales.


The instance uses E3M7: The Chasm (Heretic) and E4M6: Halls of the Apostate (Heretic) that are fitting for a reason: of all regular levels (episodes 1-5) in the game, the former has the smallest full scale, while the latter has the biggest.

  1. Begin E3M7 by writing engage37 after setting a new game and switch to the automap view.
  2. Change the scale to the full size by pressing 0 and draw the complete layout by typing ravmap once. To reveal the things, type the latter one more time.
  3. When you finally write engage46, the system will load E4M6, but the automap will use the small scale from E3M7. You can zoom freely within the range until the view is exited.

Note that the quirk has only been verified in vanilla Heretic and Hexen.