Title screen
Author Emil Brundage
Port ZDoom
Year 2010
Link Doomworld/idgames
This level occupies the map slot E4M1. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:E4M1.
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Awakening is a single-level PWAD for The Ultimate Doom with the ZDoom source port. It was designed by Emil Brundage (NaturalTvventy) in 2010 and uses a MIDI rendition of "Orion" by Metallica as its music track.


The level includes a large stable of new enemies, which are defined in DECORATE lumps with new thing types and do not replace vanilla monsters.

Chainsaw zombie
A former human with a chainsaw (type 3204)
Rapid fire trooper
A shotgun guy variant (type 3201)
Shotgun marine
A possessed Doomguy with a sawed-off shotgun (type 4662)
Chaingun marine
A possessed Doomguy with a chaingun (type 3311)
Rocket marine
A possessed Doomguy with a rocket launcher (type 3202)
A variant of the imp (type 30120)
Another imp variant (type 30127)
A mechanized demon (type 3110)
A cacodemon variant (type 3131)
Cracko demon
Another variant of the cacodemon (type 5123)
Heresy lord
A baron of Hell variant with wings (type 3121)
Archon of Hell
Another variant of the baron (type 30104)
A dark variant of the cyberdemon (type 7228)


Map of Awakening
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


Other points of interest[edit]


  1. At the northeast part of the ring, look at the south wall and locate a switch that is not lit. Use it to open the alcoves, where one of them has a soul sphere. (sector 4048)
  2. After a while has passed while in the blue key area, head south and west into the open hall. Lower the west wall and ride up to get the invulnerability. (sector 81)
  3. At the north end of the star, when you open up the corner rooms, enter the northeast room, go to the switch, and use the wall next to it to get partial invisibility, a megaarmor, and medikits. (sector 2157)
  4. Enter the south corridors at the southwest end of the star, then head west to the hall with alcoves that contain wires. The second one from the left has an opening with a box of ammo, a box of rockets, and a backpack. (sector 3539)
  5. At the southeast part of the star, when the wall past the leftmost crusher hall opens, go there and head north. Use the metal wall to lower it and get a berserk pack. (sector 3146)


A multiplayer-only shotgun (Thing 1679) and three ditto tall techno pillars (1631 through 1633) have no flags set for any of the three difficulty classes, so they do not actually appear in the level.

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The records for the map at the Doom Speed Demo Archive are:

Run Time Player Date File Notes
UV speed
NM speed
UV max 32:49 vdgg 2011-06-16
NM 100S
UV -fast
UV -respawn
UV Tyson
UV pacifist

The data was last verified in its entirety on November 30, 2021.


Player spawns[edit]

This level contains eleven spawn points:

  1. facing south-east. (thing 1630)
  2. facing south-east. (thing 1697)
  3. facing north-east. (thing 1699)
  4. facing north-east. (thing 1700)
  5. facing east. (thing 1701)
  6. facing north. (thing 1702)
  7. facing north-west. (thing 1703)
  8. facing west. (thing 1704)
  9. facing west. (thing 1705)
  10. facing south. (thing 1706)
  11. facing east. (thing 1732)


Map data[edit]

Things 1775
Vertices 25097*
Linedefs 30946
Sidedefs 50825
Sectors 5151
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 25097.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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