BFG-10000 (Doom Eternal)


The BFG-10000

The BFG-10000 is an orbital weapon system that appears in Doom Eternal. Following the destruction of the Argent Facility on Mars, the UAC's board of directors ordered the construction of this weapons system to protect their monopoly over the planet. It was designed by Samuel Hayden as part of an anti-demonic defense grid based on refinements to the BFG-9000, and incorporates that weapon in its design. The 10000 is located in Stickney, the largest crater of Phobos, at coordinates 1°N 49°W, and was built on top of a pre-existing UAC mining and communication relay outpost

By firing the BFG-9000 through a magnifier array and into a series of reactive lensing rings, a stream of gaseous Argent energy is pumped through the gun barrel which ignites in reaction to electrified plasma, generating a massive energy wave capable of defending against the most sophisticated capital-grade faster-than-light (FTL) cruisers, or against the possibility of a space-bound demonic invasion.

The Slayer gains control of the BFG-10000 during the Mars Core level and uses it to blast a hole in the surface of Mars (with help from VEGA, who overrides a safety mechanism preventing it actually being fired at the planet), allowing him to reach an ancient slipgate hidden deep underground. After using the gun, the 10000's control pod self-destructs as a security precaution, and the Slayer takes the BFG-9000 found inside it for use in future battles.