BFG-9000 (Doom 2016)


The BFG-9000.
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The BFG-9000 returns as a weapon in the 2016 Doom game. It appears as a handheld plasma cannon that launches blasts of green plasma. Like other energy weapons in this game, it is based on Argent energy, in this case supercharged via ionization and compression. It is by far the largest version of the weapon to appear in-game so far, with the upper edge of the weapon nearly spanning the entire screen.

The BFG-9000 is found in Mission 08: A Brighter Tomorrow. Cells for the weapon can then be found in all later levels.

"The BFG-9000 is a weapon with massive power that is accessed by pressing [BFG key] - use it to devastate your enemies."
― Introduction description

Research and development[edit]

The BFG-9000 was developed in the Advanced Research Complex's BFG Division, with a single initial prototype being produced. It was evolved from the first successful Argent weapon design, the plasma rifle, and is distinguished by making the most efficient use of the energy form yet known. The streams of Argent energy released by the weapon are attracted by other sources of the energy, which are typically demons or humans with Argent beacon implants, and thus behave in a guided manner. Upon contact, the streams release all their stored energy in a fraction of a second. This boils the fat and bodily fluids of such targets, which usually results in a subsequent full-body explosion.

Subsequent prototype versions of the weapon behaved unpredictably and were prone to releasing lethal radiation, resulting in disasters during testing. These included the generation of Argent spheres that released energy waves on impact and lasers that could cut through virtually anything, each with potentially useful but misdirected effects.

After being deployed into production, it was declared the "greatest triumph of the Ascension" by the UAC cult on the Mars base, practically being worshipped as a representation of the twisted philosophy being espoused in the period before the demonic invasion was unleashed by Olivia Pierce. Its use was restricted to Tier 3 advocates, and those who could not yet use it were suggested to either envision the day they would gain access, or, most unbelievably, that they might get the chance to be killed by its "majestic" and "invigorating" touch.

Tactical analysis[edit]

The BFG is one of the game's "power weapons" (alongside the Gauss cannon), capable of destroying a baron of Hell in a single shot. It also fires much faster than its original counterpart, with much shorter charge-up time. After firing, the BFG ejects a big green Argent energy ball that emits Argent rays at any non-boss demon in the vicinity, paralyzing them. When the ball hits a solid object, it explodes violently and causes all demons it "tagged" with its rays to explode as well. Despite its power, BFG is safe to use for the wielder at any distance. While it cannot outright kill bosses on its own, the BFG's shots will leave them stunned long enough for further attacks to be made and will interrupt any of their own attacks when it stuns them.

Unlike most weapons, the BFG cannot accept any modifications and cannot be upgraded. It also uses its own unique ammo type instead of being refilled by standard ammo pickups.


The BFG-9000 is one of the three power weapons available in multiplayer. Like the Gauss cannon, it is geared as a counter to the demon rune, and comes with the x-ray sight that allows the user to see enemies behind obstacles as an alternate firing mode. The BFG comes with four shots that cannot be replenished, and works in a manner similar to the single-player BFG.

The BFG-9000 is available in Boneyard, Excavation, Heatwave, Molten, Orbital, Outbreak, Perdition and Ritual.


In SnapMap, the BFG is given the following description:

"Most research regarding the BFG-9000 remains classified. The design was first [REDACTED] by [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]."
― SnapMap description

This weapon is similar to the multiplayer counterpart as it has the ability to use the X-ray sight to see hellspawn behind obstacles.


The rays of the BFG will continue to inflict damage at a normal rate while the game has been slowed down by use of the weapon wheel interface. This is exploitable in order to kill the game's bosses in only one or two shots of the weapon, and is used in world-record speedruns.