BFG-9000 (Doom Eternal)


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The BFG-9000 taking aim at the Tyrant.
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The BFG-9000 returns as a weapon in Doom Eternal, looking similar to its previous appearance but with more exposed parts. In this incarnation, it shares many similarities with its previous design, but lost the red colored areas on the top of the weapon. Unlike its previous appearance, it is now part of the wheel as a normal weapon. As far as it has been shown, it was heavily nerfed in both the campaign and Battlemode, being unable to kill a revenant player in the latter and an arch-vile in the former. It is unknown if it will have any new special abilities.


The BFG is seen in Battlemode as a special weapon the Doom Slayer can use against the player-controlled demons.


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A BFG-10000 orbital defense weapon is present on the moon of Phobos. According to the codex, Samuel Hayden sent the BFG to the Phobos base for additional study, and it inspired the team there to create this larger weapon.