BFG grenade launcher


The BFG grenade launcher at the ready.

The BFG grenade launcher is an upgraded form of the grenade launcher which occurs as a weapon in Doom VFR and takes the place of Doom (2016)'s BFG-9000. It is found in BFG Division - Computational Sector and replaces the grenade launcher permanently. It is shaped the same as the grenade launcher but has a bright green coloration. It serves as a side arm weapon and so it is held in and fired from the player's left hand.

Tactical analysis[edit]

The BFG grenade launcher fires shots similar to those of the BFG-9000, but in a low arc which will usually strike the ground. It is somewhat less effective than the BFG, and will usually only affect monsters in a relatively small radius around the projectile's impact point rather than killing everything in view of the player.

The BFG grenade launcher has limited ammunition and is powered by the same green Argent energy cells that power the BFG.