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Banjo Software was founded by John Herndon, Perry "Bow" Bowman, and Randy Lee in order to work on what was intended to be a series of games following the September 16, 1997 release of Hacx, a licensed commercial add-on for Doom II, which ended up being the company's only finished product. Hacx, although released, was left unfinished and rushed out due to the already-released Quake having made the Doom engine obsolete. Work immediately began on Hacx 2 3D, initially a Quake engine game, which moved to Quake II and then briefly to the Unreal Engine before Banjo closed its doors in 1999 due to continuing lack of a publisher for the game.


Several long-time Doom community members were employees; one of them, Rich Johnston (Nostromo), retained the rights to Hacx following the company's demise and later released it as a free PWAD.

Though never achieving a commercially successful release, experience at the company helped many of its members establish careers in the game industry. Amongst these were Iikka Keränen (Fingers), who went on to work at Looking Glass Studios, Ion Storm, Ritual Entertainment, Rogue Entertainment, and most recently, Valve Software. Kenneth Scott has since worked as an artist at Ion Storm, for id Software on Doom 3, and as art director at Microsoft Studios for Halo 4. Zack Quarles went on to work at Raven Software and id Software on Quake 4. Kevin Johnstone has been employed at Epic Games.



  • Perry Bowman - Co-owner, artist
  • John Herndon - Co-owner, project director, map designer
  • Randy Lee - Co-owner, administration




  • Erick Gravel - Art
  • Kevin Johnstone - Art
  • Thomas Moeller - Sprites, various art
  • Zack Quarles - Art
  • Ronald C. Ray - Art
  • Jeff Rubin - Art
  • Stefan C. Scandizzo - Sprites, various art
  • Greg Schomo - Art
  • Gerald Swanson - Sprites, various art


  • Scott Evans - Sound effects
  • Ellsworth Hall - Music
  • Mark Van Natta - Music


  • Ricardo Augstroze Barijan - Programming, sound effects


  • Holt Satterfield - Writer
  • Blake Wilfong - Playtesting


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