Baron of Hell (Doom Eternal)


The baron of Hell appears in a promotional screenshot.
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The baron of Hell returns as a monster in Doom Eternal, retaining its appearance from Doom (2016), but now equipped with a pair of flaming blades, similar to those previously wielded by the cyberdemon. Unlike its previous appearance, the baron of Hell now has an ashy grey-brown complexion with fiery eyes, inner flesh that glows like embers, and magma for blood. Additionally, all of the green projectile effects associated with the demon in its prior version have been replaced by fiery orange and red ones.

An armored variant of this monster appears in The Ancient Gods, Part Two.

Tactical analysis[edit]

As far as combat goes, it seems to fight on par with the 2016 variant, but with the addition of swipes with its new Argent blades and is much stronger and durable as it is able to survive a direct shot from the BFG. As with all enemies in Eternal, the baron is faster and more aggressive than before.

The Doom Slayer can knock it back with a blood punch, making it more susceptible to stunning. Additionally, continuous use of the chaingun can stall its attacks.


The barons of Hell featured in Doom Eternal are a descendant clan called the "Fireborne Barons", which evolved to live in the border regions of the Burning Abyss, a banishing ground for damned souls filled with blackstone crags and magma tides. The Fireborne Barons drew strength from the damned souls sent there. They eventually incorporated the incendiary nature of Hell itself within their bodies, which are described as being carapace covered and having qualities of obsidian.

Glory kills[edit]

  • The Slayer grabs the baron's horn and plunges the Doomblade through the bottom of its head.
  • The Slayer grabs the baron's horn and decapitates it with the Doomblade.
  • The Slayer punches the baron's side, then extends the Doomblade and slits its throat.
  • The Slayer grabs both of the baron's horns, then twists the baron's head until its neck snaps.


A baron, still pink, appears to the far right in this still from the E3 teaser, making a threatening gesture with its flaming blades.
  • The very earliest E3 teaser video for Doom Eternal displayed barons that were still pink in color but already possessed flaming arm blades.
  • A screenshot of the monster released by Bethesda after the game's initial reveal gave this variant of the baron the name "Fire Baron."



The baron's new appearance may be a call-back to 2016's pre-release baron where it had a similar ashy grey-brown complexion with ember-like holes glowing from various pieces of its body.