Before The Nightmare


Before the Nightmare is a Terry WAD that was released in March of 2015, and is a fanmade prequel to UAC Military Nightmare. It was created by a Terry WAD clan known as the "Grapevine Elites". The prequel is more story driven than the original UAC Military Nightmare, and introduces many new characters with most of them mocking several Doom community members, and has almost twice as many levels, currently making it the longest Terry WAD. It also follows the same concept as UAC Military Nightmare with the vulgarity of the scripts and scripted boss fights.


It is set right after the events of the 3rd episode of Doom, and right before the events of UAC Military Nightmare, where you find Albert 400 while clearing out "Antarctic Bunker #54". You then have to take down the antagonists and other members of the Doom community, like Carnevil, Bloodshedder, Albert 400, and Sergeant Mark IV at the end.


  • Sergeant Mark IV - The main antagonist in the game and final boss. He is often coupled with the Brutal Doom death scream sound. In the plot he uses Brutal Doom to brainwash people.
  • Santah - One of the main antagonists from UAC Military Nightmare, works together with Mark, Carnevil and Ralphis.
  • Albert 400 - One of the secondary antagonists and boss in the WAD. A blue fat man who has a server farm where he stores people's anuses.
  • Jim Flannigan - A one-time boss fight with a photo of Jack Hackett from the British TV show, Father Ted, who shoots multiple green dildos at you.


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