Doom (2016) multiplayer levels

Beneath is a multiplayer level of Doom (2016), one of the nine original stock multiplayer maps. It is set in a subterranean Argent energy extraction facility, likely associated with the Argent Fracture on Mars. A tall tower above the map sends the extracted energy upward toward the surface. The map is noted for its symmetry.[1]


There are four major rooms in each of the cardinal directions, each labeled with its corresponding direction of north, south, east, and west. Between these are smaller rooms in the corners (labeled northeast, etc.), and a large two-level room joins everything up in the center. At the east and west edges of the map it is possible to pass over a narrow set of ledges, allowing the central rooms to be avoided.

In most game modes, the Gauss cannon is available as a power weapon. A demon rune is also present. Invisibility is among the power-ups that may spawn. A mega health can be found periodically in the south quadrant atop the center pillar.

With regard to team gameplay, the blue base is found in the west quadrant, and the red base is in the opposite side on the east.

Areas / screenshots[edit]


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