Bennett Stone


Dr. Bennett Stone.

Dr. Bennett Stone is a character in the 2019 motion picture Doom: Annihilation. He is an experimental physicist working for the UAC who has recently been reassigned to the Phobos moon base in orbit of Mars, an assignment which for him is described as a dream job, as he will be joining the legendary Dr. Malcolm Betruger in researching ancient teleporters left throughout the Solar System by an ancient civilization. Bennett Stone is portrayed by actor Luke Allen-Gale.


Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.

Bennett Stone has been reassigned to the Phobos base and happens to find himself on the Nola, the same armored transport vessel bringing a squadron of space marines to their new assignment as security for the same base. Unlike the marines, who strongly resent and somewhat fear their assignment to the "Doomed moon", Stone is enthusiastic about his new job. It is revealed on the way that Bennett is an ex-boyfriend of Lieutenant Joan Dark, though the two remain amicable. Just as they land at the base, they receive a signal from Mars control stating that contact with the Phobos base has been lost and that all systems there appear to be offline.

Due to his expert knowledge of the base's layout and construction as well as privileged access to restricted areas, the marines bring him with them into the compound. Their hope is that he can restart the power core, which has 90 minutes of reserve left before it fails and potentially triggers a catastrophic explosion in the base's fusion reactor. Bennett is forced to fall back with the second fire team when Daisy corrupts the marines' navigational data and takes cover with Veronica and Chaplain Glover during the arboretum battle. He remains outside the ship's airlock after falling back with the reunited squad. When the marines plan their second excursion into the base, he again returns with the goal of restoring power under Joan's command, a ruse to buy time to re-establish contact with Mars command and call for backup and evacuation.

After the marines and surviving civilians are betrayed by Dr. Betruger in the core as Bennett is restoring the power, only Joan and Bennett remain standing. After Joan finds the BFG and some plasma grenades, the two head toward the restricted fourth level of the base, to which Bennett has access thanks to his special key card. When Bennett steps into the elevator, however, he is stolen away from above by an imp. Joan pursues and confronts Betruger in the gateway control room, but Betruger has the now demonically corrupted Bennett attack her. Despite Joan's pleas, Bennett will not snap out of his possession, and she is forced to kill him.

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  • Bennett bites his fingernails when he is nervous.
  • Bennett is scared of elevators and forced Joan to climb a long stairway while on their first date to avoid one. He then ironically dies inside one after stating that he is still scared of them.