Bernard De Windt (B.P.R.D)


Bernard De Windt (better known as B.P.R.D., also known Bernie, Bernie DeWint and Foofoo) is an Australian Doom level designer, artist, and musician. His most notable works include Equinox, The Mucus Flow, and Grove. In 2004, he was named Mapper of the Year.

His levels were praised for their originality and distinct artistic vision, but were also often criticized for their gameplay design and technical issues, notably the framerate problem of Grove's sprite forest which B.P.R.D addressed with Grove Alternate. In the following years, his artwork and music have become staple community resources, seeing use in projects such as Deus Vult II, Valiant, and Miasma, and the visual design of The Mucus Flow in particular has been influential to a number of designers, namely Death-Destiny, Darkwave0000, and Paul977. In 2018, several of his levels were featured in Doomworld's Top 100 Most Memorable Maps.

He is also widely remembered for the Nuts trilogy, a series of joke WADs centered around maps that have a ludicrous monster count.

B.P.R.D has since moved on from Doom. In the early to mid 2010s, he released Commander Keen mods under the name "Bernie".

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