Berserk (Doom 2016)


Monsters are completely obliterated by a single berserk punch, regardless of their hit points.
This article is about the item in Doom (2016). For other versions of this item, see:

Berserk is a power-up item which occurs in Doom (2016) as a new version of the classic Doom berserk, with similar mechanics: when the sphere is collected, the player's vision will become clouded with a red haze and the previously active weapon will be replaced by the Doom Slayer's gauntlet-armored fists. In common with the Doom 3 version of the power-up, however, the power increase is dramatic - in this installation, berserk enables instant glory kills against all monsters, allowing the player to literally rip opponents apart for a total of 30 seconds of free movement.

According to UAC research, ordinary humans could rarely survive use of a berserk sphere, and those who did would be left in an irreversible state of delirium until they were euthanized. The rage and increased strength induced by the item would cause most users to harm any living thing in their sight, and if there was no other target available, they would even harm themselves.

Tactical analysis[edit]

Most berserk spheres can be found inside arenas where the doors will not unlock until all opposition has been eliminated, so it is best to pick them up at a strategic moment, such as when opposition is at peak numbers and strength. This can be adjusted based on the other power-ups, if any, that are also in the area.

The actual duration of the power-up during game play is usually slightly longer than stated, as the timer does not expire during a small portion of most glory kill animations. The duration is indicated by a small timer circle which appears at bottom center while the power-up is active, around an icon of a skull which represents it.

Praetor upgrades[edit]

Upgrades received through Praetor tokens in the "Powerup Effectiveness" category affect the berserk power-up:

  • Power Surge will unleash a blast wave when the berserk effect expires.
  • Healing Power restores health to maximum when berserk is activated, adding a recovery effect similar to the original berserk pack.
  • Power Extender increases the duration of the berserk effect.

Rune enhancements[edit]

As the effects of the berserk power-up are classified as glory kills, it is subject to enhancement by some of the demonic runes:

  • Blood Fueled increases the player's speed after performing glory kills, which will make a berserk player faster.
  • Savagery increases the speed of glory kills, allowing greater use of the time available.
  • Seek and Destroy increases glory kill range, giving a berserk player a longer reach.